Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Wheel F11: Warm-Hued Glitters from SinfulColors

I took advantage of being the only one awake in my sister-in-law's house this morning to crop and upload photos of the wheel I painted a few weeks ago with glitters from SinfulColors; I have so many backlogged waiting for their turn that I had to split them into warm hues and cool hues. Today I have the warm ones; with any luck, next week the cools will make their appearance.

(all have topcoat in addition to coats noted below, though not all needed it)

1. SinfulColors Candy Ginger (2 coats)
2. SinfulColors Twilight Twinkles (2)
3. SinfulColors All About You (3)
4. SinfulColors Pumpkin Spice (2)
5. SinfulColors I Dream in Jewels (2) [I don't think the silver holo diamonds really work in this mix; I would have gone with gold or gold holo]
6. SinfulColors Mimosa (3) [I don't remember if this started out this color or if the base has changed with age, but it's a perfect mustard color, which I'm seeing in so many clothes this fall and winter]
7. SinfulColors Standing Bloom Only (3) [this says autumn to me; I'll have to try to remember it for next year]
8. SinfulColors Down to Earth (3)
9. SinfulColors Splatter Spell (3)
10. SinfulColors Mystery Moonshine (3) [pretty sure this had a clear base when it was so, so something's bled; also I guess this is more cool-toned but it has gold in it so got onto this wheel]
11. SinfulColors Shine on Me (2)
12. SinfulColors Scene Stealer (2)
13. SinfulColors Ruby Glisten (2) [you can barely see the glitter in this deep base, but it's there]
14. SinfulColors Undead Red (2)
15. SinfulColors Bite Me (3) [love the depth in this one]
16. SinfulColors Unwrap Me (2) [looks like this would make a good companion for Bite Me]
17. SinfulColors Hot Chili (2) [the perfect way for me to wear gold glitter: scattered in a flattering to me base color]
18. SinfulColors Embers Only (2)
19. SinfulColors Candy Apple (2)
20. SinfulColors Devil's Stare (2)

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 15:

16 through 20:


  1. Ruby Glisten requires a good coat of TC to shine properly. It's my Xmas polish. :)

    1. Magda, I can see that. When I'm painting wheels, I'm lucky if my attention span lasts long enough to do one quick swipe of TC. :)


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