Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Wheel G11: Cool-Hued Glitters from SinfulColors

I'm sneaking this one in while it's still Wednesday in my time zone. As mentioned last Nail Wheel Wednesday, here are some cool hues of glitters from SinfulColors. Though really, it's neutral, metallic, and cool hues—basically anything that didn't fit on the warm hues wheel.

(all have topcoat in addition to coats of glitter noted below)

1. SinfulColors Opal Glitter (2 coats over black base)
2. SinfulColors In My Igloo (2 over black)
3. SinfulColors Out With a Bang (2 over black)
4. SinfulColors Pop the Cork (2 over black) [the pink shimmer in the base of this one is a very nice touch]
5. SinfulColors Spiked Cider (3) [so micro a glitter I could put this on a shimmer wheel, I think]
6. SinfulColors Fantasy (3) [love how delicate this one looks; it's a multi color that's not in your face about it]
7. SinfulColors Show Stopping (3)
8. SinfulColors Rock Kandee (3)
9. SinfulColors Pride (3)
10. SinfulColors #elfie (2)
11. SinfulColors Silver Rainbows (2) [I had to triple check the name on this one; Rainbow Rainbows would have been a more fitting thing to call it)
12. SinfulColors Spiked Ice (2)
13. SinfulColors Starry Night (3)
14. SinfulColors Stone Cold (3)
15. SinfulColors Cherish Me (3)
16. SinfulColors Rock Candy (3)
17. SinfulColors Urban Magic (3)
18. SinfulColors Tinsel Time (2)
19. SinfulColors Crystal Clear (2)
20. SinfulColors Watch It Shine (2)

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 15:

16 through 20:

A few direct light shots to show off the holo glitter in some of these:

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