Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Wheel G12: Black Light Polishes

Taking a break from the yellow and oranges this week to share some of the latest polishes in my stash, along with one lone pumpkin from years gone by. I have all fifteen of the LA Colors Gel Glow shades the four black light creme SinfulColors from this year's big display at Walmart which was in my last post.

Under black light:

1. LA Colors Gel Glow Ghost (2 coats)
2. LA Colors Gel Glow Awe (2)
3. LA Colors Gel Glow Vampire (2)
4. LA Colors Gel Glow Zombie (2)
5. LA Colors Gel Glow Creepers (2)
6. LA Colors Gel Glow Alien (2)
7. SinfulColors Witchs Brew (3)
8. LA Colors Gel Glow Escape (2)
9. LA Colors Gel Glow Stalker (2) [almost a one-coater]
10. SinfulColors Blue in the Dark (3)
11. LA Colors Gel Glow Underworld (2)
12. LA Colors Gel Glow Haunting (2)
13. SinfulColors Techno Violet (3)
14. Unnamed pumpkin polish (2)
15. LA Colors Gel Glow Fearless (2)
16. LA Colors Gel Glow Panic (2)
17. LA Colors Gel Glow Rave (2)
18. SinfulColors W*tch Please (3)
19. LA Colors Gel Glow Darkside (1)
20. LA Colors Gel Glow Fallen Angel (1)

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 15:

16 through 20:

A couple direct light shots to show the two shimmers better:

A comparison of this year's crop of black light polishes with last year's on Wheel D11 under black light; the 2018 LA Colors Color Craze Glows are numbers 1 through 15 on that.

I was surprised that none of this year's LA Colors glowed as brightly as the brightest of last year's, especially the yellow Creepers (number 5), which is so bright under regular light but a mustard yellow under black light. Some of the colors look like dupes of last years even though they're the gel-like formula this year: the white, the taupe, and one of the reds particularly.

It was also interesting to see how the greens from LA Colors and Sinful (numbers 6 and 7) resembled each other much more under regular light than black light, where the LA Colors went subdued but still green and the SinfulColors went tan. The SinfulColors blue (10) and purple (13) also had striking color shifts under black light, going far more pale than I expected.

Even though they're not as glow-y under black light as they might be, I'm not regretting getting all of this year's LA Colors. They weren't expensive and the formula is decent; they'll be fine for every day wear. I have Darkside on my toes right now as a matter of fact.

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