Monday, December 27, 2010

Studio M Sugar Plums and Tinsel Time

Sugar Plums and Tinsel Time were the two other (besides Oh Joy, which I shared yesterday) Studio M 2010 holiday polishes that didn't look like re-promotes or re-names. Sugar Plums is a warm purple shimmer with a faint blue flash that was opaque in three coats. This color isn't very unusual but it is pretty.

Tinsel Time is a yellow gold shimmer that falls clearly into the "not a Karen color" category. It's less sheer than Oh Joy (though really, most polishes are), but three coats was not enough to make it opaque.

I tried a bit of layering over Sugar Plums with the two sheers I got from this collection:

Sugar Plums with (top to bottom): Oh Joy (1 coat), Oh Joy (2 coats), Tinsel Time (1 coat), Tinsel Time (2 coats).

I like Tinsel Time much better on me when layered over a more complimentary color.


  1. PURPLE!!!!!!!!!!!! So pretty!
    Reminds me of a purple I have from milani, cant remember the name though:/

  2. I really like the purple especially with oh joy (1 coat) on it!!

  3. I just saw the purple polish in the clearance bin at meijer's! I passed on it. :)

  4. Both of these are gorgeous!! Are these the new ones?

  5. I like them both. Blue flash always sells to me.

  6. Sugar Plums is lovely, the name is perfect for it! It looks very pretty with Oh Joy over the top :)

  7. Tinsel Time is so...yellow lol. No bueno! It does look pretty layered, though!

  8. I like the sheers over the purple a lot! One coat of either looks soo pretty!

  9. Thanks, ladies!

    rmcandlelight, these were in the 2010 holiday display; not sure if they're going to be made core or not.


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