Sunday, December 26, 2010

Studio M Oh Joy

Oh Joy was one of the three in the Studio M 2010 holiday display that didn't look familiar to me. (The name is actually Oh Joy! but punctuation in nail polish names annoys me so I try to ignore it.) It's very sheer; I stopped at five coats and still had very visible nail line.

I thought I'd compare Oh Joy to two other shimmery whites I'd gotten from this year's holiday collections, China Glaze Frosty and Orly Winter Wonderland.

Top to bottom: Oh Joy, Frosty, Oh Joy, Winter Wonderland.

I used the aforementioned five coats of Oh Joy but only three coats of the China Glaze and Orly. Obviously Frosty wins the opaqueness category, and I think Winter Wonderland wins for texture. Oh Joy wins on price ($2.99) and probably versatility; since it is so sheer but not streaky I can see it being great for layering. I tried it over Orly Naughty or Nice:

1 coat of Oh Joy over Naughty or Nice (top), 3 coats of Oh Joy over Naughty or Nice (bottom).

I like the little winks of blue and purple I see in there. I'm not sure if there's a Color Club dupe of this one, as there usually is for Studio Ms.


  1. Karen, great minds think alike! I have gone frosty/silvery today too. Can't say it's been a huge success though. And Oh Joy is more of an Oh Nightmare.....

  2. I love the shine of Winter Wonderland! What pretty silver glitters

  3. Its very subtle and nice. I wonder how it would compare to Sinful Colors Out of This World? Or OPI Dazzle Me? Just thoughts...

  4. I need to find Frosty.

    Also, you made me laugh being annoyed by punctuation in nail polish names. ;)

  5. Pretty! This one and the gold from the same collection are still in my untrieds. Maybe I'll swatch the gold one soon.

  6. Wow, 5 coats! I always read any polish name with a '!' at the end as sarcasm. Which would suit this polish I guess! "Oh Joy! Only 4 coats to go!" :P
    It is pretty when layered though, I like it over Naughty or Nice :)

  7. 5 coats and still VNL? Wow, it's meant definitely to be a top coat but man.....lots of top coats build up and get more opaque than that!


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