Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Finger Paints Winter Dreams

You may remember the Finger Paints holiday display as spotted at Sally Beauty:

Today I have some swatches from this collection, starting with, no surprise, the purple, Just Plum Fun. It's a deep plum shimmer that's pretty but not particularly unusual.

Misteltoe Mischief is a delightfully squishy green with glitter. It's very shiny even without topcoat. I was fascinated with this one and took pictures of it in the light box, out of the lightbox but in bright light, in dim light, and liked it in all those places.

Merry Mittens is a red shimmer with scattered gold microglitter that, unlike its green sibling, needs a topcoat. I didn't take the time to add one, so here it is in its somewhat bumpy glory.

Winter Wishes, a champagne gold shimmer with gold glitter, is even bumpier than Merry Mittens.

I did try adding one layer of topcoat to this one; I think it could use two.

I used two coats of all of these; no topcoat except where noted. There are two other colors in this collection: Mulberry Madness, berry red with silver and red glitter that was hiding somewhere when it came time to swatch, and Holly Good Time, a red and gold glitter, which was sold out at my Sally store by the time I got around to trying to buy it (I did manage to arrange a swap for it, though, so that was good). Perhaps those will show up as nails of the day at some point, but most likely I will get distracted by something else shiny.


  1. They all look lovely on you. I love this whole collection. Don't remember if I had problems with the bumpyness.

  2. Squishy green! I like that one!

  3. The squishy green is lovely! I don't own many green, but that one is lovely. :)

  4. i really like mistletoe on you. i'm sad because my Sally's is sold out of Holly Jolly Times too.

  5. Feliz demais em ter você seguindo meu blog.

    Pena que não sei nada do seu idioma risos

    Mas aqui está meu e-mail

    Pode me escrever que consigo alguém para traduzir risos

    Mil beijos e adoro esses esmaltes que você posta...pena que aqui no Brasil, os esmaltes importados são caros demais.

  6. So very pretty! All the colours look amazing but as I am biased I think I like the purple best :D

  7. I really like that purple! Very nice for the fall/winter time!

  8. Out of this collection, I think I want the green one the most.
    The champagne glittery one is pretty too, but I know I wouldn't really wear it very much.
    Thank you for the swatches!!

  9. I love the red and the purple one, they are gorgeous!

  10. I like Winter wishes, even though it's bumpy. My wedding dress colour was very similar :)


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