Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday Giveaway Winners

I realized I never publicly announced the winners of my holiday contest. I mentioned I'd chosen them and notified them by e-mail but neglected to follow up with details as I'd intended. No time like right now. As with previous giveaways, I used to draw numbers corresponding to lines on the spreadsheet that Google Docs generated from the entries. Here are the winners:

Prize #1: Ulta Wicked Wonderland mini set went to Mel from Delicious Beads.

Prize #2: Savvy Red Caviar and Garland are heading to Biba of Biba's Beauty Corner.

Prize #3: Snowmen in tropical colors are going all the way to India to live with Rhea of The Chain Nail.

Prize #4: Snowmen in blue and silver were won by Margaret in Canada.

Prize #5: Snowmen in Christmas colors were won by twistergirl85 of Twisted Nails, who still needs to tell me her address.

Prize #6: Snowmen in Christmas colors v2 will be moving in with CucumPear of CucumPear's Onyx Phalanx.

Thanks to everyone who entered!


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