Friday, December 24, 2010

Studio M Rudolf

There is no way I'm going to get all my untried holiday polishes swatched before the holiday season ends; that's okay, I can have Christmas in July if need be. On this Christmas Eve, I have Rudolf from this year's Studio M Cozy Up to Color collection (you can see the display in this entry). I thought this one was Slamming Red with a new name, but I bought it anyway just in case; even if it was a dupe, it's never bad to have a semi-hard to find glitter available for swapping. Rudolf definitely applied like Slamming Red; it's really thick, like lumpy cake batter, and eats topcoat like a hungry thing. But like Slamming Red, it's so sparkly and pretty I'm willing to put up with those traits. Here's two coats of Rudolf plus three coats of top coat (yep, I said three).

Of course I had to do a comparison with Slamming Red, and while I was at it I pulled out it's close sibling, Purple Medallion.

Left to right: Slamming Red, Rudolf, Purple Medallion.

Slamming Red & Rudolf. Or maybe it's Rudolf & Slamming Red.

On the nail, Rudolf and Slamming Red looked pretty darn similar. The texture was exactly the same as far as I could tell. I fancied I could see a slight color difference, with Slamming Red being redder, but that could just be normal variation in batches as well.

Top to bottom: Rudolf, Slamming Red, Rudolf.

Purple Medallion has sparser glitter and a darker, more plummy base.

Top to bottom: Rudolf, Slamming Red, Rudolf, Purple Medallion.

Top to bottom: Slamming Red, Rudolf, Purple Medallion.

Top to bottom: Rudolf, Slamming Red, Rudolf, Purple Medallion.

The base color difference shows up best in really bright light, like that of a camera flash.

Top to bottom: Rudolf, Slamming Red, Rudolf, Purple Medallion.

As far as I'm concerned Rudolf might as well be Slamming Red; if I see any on clearance after Christmas I'll snap them up for swapping, but I suspect they'll all be gone by the time I get back to the store after my holiday break.


  1. I want to cry any time I see these. I really like Rudolph. And Slamming Red. Fancy doing a swapsie?

  2. Cry with happiness that is, lol!

  3. It's so funny you posted this! A few nights ago, me and my boyfriend went on a late night trip to meijer's. We were worn out but I convinced him I was only going in for one polish- Slamming Red.
    The polish displays are too tall for me, so I had him reach across the top where it said "Slamming Red". No such luck. He did find Purple Medallion and tried to convince me it was the same thing- which is funny because it's pretty close.
    He also picked up Rudolph and said "That's a good enough red, yeah?"
    Well now that I know they're pretty much dupes I'll go back for both! :)

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Except for the bright shot, Purple Medallion does look really close to Rudolph. I couldn't find Rudolph but I did pick up PM.

    Merry Christmas to you!

  5. do keep me informed if you find more of this lovely. yet another one we are verboten from up here ;)

    happy christmas :)

  6. Wow, this polish is really beautiful, though I'm not a glitter fan. And I really couldn't see the difference between this two polishes =)

  7. They look very alike, and they're the most beautiful reds I've ever seen, just because of the glitters!

    Late comment, but still,

    Have a Happy New Year!


  8. I love all of those! Too bas I never see this brand anywhere by me!

  9. Is Studio M only sold at Meijer? I've never seen it anywhere near me (New Hampshire), but we have no Meijers out this way. I'd love to do a swap with you sometime for some Studio Ms, especially if I find some great Funky Fingers. We could do the Color Club dupes swap. lol

  10. Ash-Lilly, look for an e-mail from me soon.

    Lucy, I love comments no matter when they are made.

    Donna, yes, Meijer stores are the only place I've ever seen Studio M.

  11. I thought so, funny thing is, I just bought a pub table and stools from Meijer. Yup, they sell and mail big stuff like that all the way out to New Hampshire. But do you think they could mail out a few little bottles of nail polish? Nooooooooooo. It's not on the website. *angrily shakes fist at Meijer*

  12. Oh man, I wish I could get my hands on some Studio M! Love Slamming Red. Any chance of doing a swap? I'm in San Francisco and can maybe get some things you're looking for. Send me an email! :)

  13. I'm reminiscing some of the old polishes. What a beauty this is. I believe I have a pretty close dupe made by L.A. Girl 3D Effect called "Sparkling Ruby".

    1. Sheri, I think I remember that collection ... if it's the one I'm thinking of, it was very similar.


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