Monday, December 6, 2010

Savvy Holiday Cheer

One display I didn't include in my holiday displays entry was the one from Savvy Femme Couture, a line that's available only at Sally Beauty as far as I know. I didn't get a picture of this limited edition display before because it was really close the cash register, and I don't like to be too obvious about my picture taking in stores. Over Thanksgiving weekend, though, I was in a very busy Sally's where there was so much going on that I thought I could snap a few pics without anyone taking notice, so I did. Here's Savvy Holiday Cheer:

Left to right: Garland, Mistletoe, Tinsel, Red Caviar, Golden Honey, Shimmer Time, Chrome, Ruby Slippers.

I like how the glasses on the display coordinate with the polish colors (and was impressed that the colors were in the matching slots—I wonder if it ships to the stores pre-filled). I'm wondering what flavor the silver drinks would be...

I got a few colors to try, starting with Red Caviar. This is a very deep wine shimmer, so deep that it tends to look black and not particulary shimmery in all but the brightest lights. I didn't happen to have any sun on the day I swatched this, but I was able to coax a little shimmer to show by putting my nails directly under a lamp (last picture below).

Garland is a dark green shimmer that obligingly stays both green and shimmery in normal room light. The shimmer does show more in bright light, of course (see single nail pic below). I really like this one.

For my last selection, I went outside my comfort zone and picked Golden Honey, a warm gold shimmer. This one showed more brushstrokes than the other two I tried, and I wasn't crazy about the color against my skintone.

All these swatches are three coats of color over base coat, no top coat.


  1. I've looked at this display off/on over the last month and I really like your color choices. All very "basic" looking on the surface, however, they have a special depth to them. Coolness from a brand that doesn't usually produce a lot of great colors.

  2. These are so pretty. I did pick up and right now wearing as a pedi 'garland'. I think I need the red one :)

  3. Garland is on my have to have list.

    You could come into my local Sally Beauty and take all the pics you want. During slow times, the employees go in the back to work int he stockroom or office and leave you drifting around the store totally unsupervised. Sometimes, I actually have to go knock on the office door and ask someone to come out and take my money. lol

  4. I absolutely love this nail polish line. I was iffy on trying it but once I did I fell in love with it!

  5. I really love Garland. The slightly darker tone to it differs to a lot of similar greens.

  6. Red Caviar has a great name! :)) Pity it ends up black...

  7. green is not my favorite color but i'm always drawn to it. very nice!

  8. I only have a couple of these polishes but I was impressed with the formula.

    :) I wonder what the silver drink WOULD taste like...

  9. I'm waitin gfor it to go on sale. I'll get Tinsel and Garland if they're still there.


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