Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Last Friday I found a package on my desk at the office, which puzzled me since I wasn't waiting on any orders and it was too soon for any of my current batch of swaps to have come in. The return address was on the back of the mailer, so I didn't see until I started to open it that it had come all the way from Australia. Very intriguing. There was a box inside the mailer, and soon enough I'd opened that to find a most wonderful surprise package from Beauty Verdict. I had huge grin on my face as I unpacked the things she sent. Work? I can't work when there are exotic Korean polish bottles to look at: a minty green shimmer from LUCIDarling in a heart shaped bottle, three Peripera polishes with elegant long handles, and another Peripera in a cat-handled bottle. Yes, I said cat-handled.

Just looking at the bottles was entertaining. I'm pretty sure the LUCIDarling is the first polish I've owned where I had absolutely no idea what the label said.

The printing on the front of the long-stemmed Peripera bottles has a holo effect, so I turned them this way and that to see the pretty colors.

The tops of those long handles look like roses—very fancy.

And the cat is just redonkulous; I love it!

There's even, as BV pointed out in the entry where I first got a look at these, cat butt crack. (In the background of the pic below you can see the cute makeup bag BV sent to hold the polishes.)

Ignoring all the holiday polishes waiting for my attention when I got home, I moved Mr. Kitty to the front of my swatching queue. After all, I've never painted my nails with a cat before. The polish inside turned out to be a lovely deep plum shimmer that covered in two coats. I also discovered that my bottle holding skills need a little work to be up to snuff when it comes to cat-shaped handles.

But wait, there's more! Look at this curvy goodness:

I would have been completely delighted with all the Korean goodies in the cute case, yet BV went over the top and also sent two Nfu Ohs. Seriously. I did a little dance in my desk chair when I saw these beauties, my first Nfu Ohs ever. That's 57 on the left and 41 on the right.

I just couldn't wait to try one, so I put 57 on top of the Peripera. Lime green on plum? Why the heck not, I said to myself.

I used only one coat of the Nfu Oh, which has both flakies and shimmer. I can only imagine how good it'll look when I put it over a more color coordinated base.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, BV!

And in other happy-making news, look what I found on my way home from the eye doctor this morning:

Yes, it's the elusive peachy pink creme snowman. He was at a Rite Aid I would have sworn I'd checked already, but either I somehow skipped that store or they put out their display after I'd been there. Not only was this one there, I also got a blue shimmer I don't think I had yet, though I need to double check that since I do have so many blue ones. It's been a good month for nail polish already, for sure.


  1. What a great post and the elusive Peachy Snowman to top it off! The Polish Angels do smile upon you!

  2. Wow I loved the polish, I loved it even more with the Nfu-oh:)

  3. Look at all those goodies!! AND you found the snowman. What a good day, indeed.

  4. yay I love suprises in the mailbox :) I love asian bottles when it comes to the design, it may be too cheesy for some, but I sometimes love them more than the ones we get here

  5. Ahh, what a nice surprise! She's a generous lady.

  6. That is an awesome surprise! I love those bottles and the kitty one is fantastic! FANTASTIC!

  7. ooh what a nice surprise! I love the lucidarling polish :D

  8. That kitty bottle is so cute...even the buttcrack is kind of cute, and the polish in it is gorgeous! I wish American companies would make more cute bottles..why don't we have kitties and penguins and other such cute animals on our bottles? :(

    Anywho, congrats on the nfu-ohs and the sneaky snowman too!

  9. You're definitely one lucky addict! I'm practically slobbering over those Nfu-Ohs. ;)

  10. :D Awe this polishes are so cute!
    I especially want a cat shaped polish!!

  11. Hullo :) I can translate the bottle label for you.

    It says:

    Etude House
    Lucid Darling Fantasy Nails
    Glittering Tendermint

    Hope that helps!

  12. Awesome haulage! What a delightful surprize! *drooling* over that snowman! That color is to die for! Thanks for sharing :O)

  13. OMG omg omg those are all so very awesome and thoughtful. You lucky nail polish lady, you.

  14. soo awesome! :) the lucid darling polish is an Etude House brand polish.~ i was gunna translate it for ya but Kimber Y did it already. haha

  15. You stumbled upon one of the most beautiful layerings! Wow!!! Mr. Kitty was really pretty on its own. But the Nfu over it...voila!

  16. That's a VERY pleasant surprise right there! And darn, those snowmen are cute! I know I've said it before, but I will say it again! :)

  17. It's getting to the stage where I am loving the bottles even more than the contents. That cat is a killer!

  18. OMG, that´s awesome!!
    Don´t you just love these kind of presents?!

  19. geesh karen, everyone is skilled in using cat shaped nail polish brushes.. i can't believe you are having trouble, you really need to practice more! joking.....=) that is the cutest polish bottle i have EVER seen! I want that polish only for the cat..it would be a bonus the color is nice.. and it is!

    congrats on finding the salmon snowman=) your snowman collection is awesome!!!

  20. The Lucidarling polish is from Etude House, it's a popular Korean cosmetics brand. I think you can find these polishes on GMarket (it's like a Korean ebay), I remember seeing the cat polishes there before!

  21. Thanks, ladies! Yes, I feel very fortunate indeed.

    Kimber Y, thank you for the translation! Glittering Tendermint--what a fun name.

  22. What a great gift and congrats on your first Nfu-Oh's

  23. Such pretty bottles, I love the kitty one! :)

  24. Oooh, that's awesome! What a great surprise! ^__^ And the bottles are just so cute! *pokes little cat bottle cap*

  25. Those bottles are so beautiful! The kitty is adorable and the polish itself is lovely, especially with flakies!

  26. I'm in love with those bottles, but a snowman definitely wins (look at his cute little face) :)
    And I wouldn't think that purple polish goes so well with a lime top but it does :)

  27. Hehehehe. I knew you'd be surprised! I think some Korean designs dance a fine line between the tackarama and the cute. Not sure which side these are leaning...

    I just end up with so much surplus stuff - I thought you might like having a play!

    I think the Nfu Oh over the purple looks fantastic. Completely unexpected isn't it?

    I still do not understand the cat bottles... maybe I never will! It isn't that anatomically correct either (as a design) so why put a butt crack in it? Hehehe still makes me guffaw!


    PS Due to my crap Korean skills I can't read the bottles either. Tendermint sounds as crazy as the butt cracks! hehehehe


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