Monday, February 7, 2011

Cult Nails My Kind of Cool Aid

Cult Nails is a new nail polish line started by Maria from R3 Daily. I think it's great that a fellow nail blogger has come out with her own line, so I bought the first polish, My Kind of Cool Aid, pretty much as soon as it was available. I would have done that no matter what color it was, but I admit it didn't hurt that it's in the purple family. It's a greyed lavender shimmer, actually. The first time I swatched it I was having a bad nail day (base coat bubbled, cuticles were more winter frazzled than usual, etc.) so I just couldn't bring myself to post those pictures. I tried again yesterday, and was much happier with the results (even though we're still in a no sun zone here in Michigan).

The color is really well balanced between lavender and grey. Depending on the light it leans more one way or the other; since I like both colors I'm happy regardless. The shimmer is on the subtle side but definitely visible in normal room light. In the bottle, I thought it was silver shimmer; on the nail I think I see pops of blue and pink. This was a two-coater for me; all these swatches are without top coat.

Since purple is my favorite color and I have so very many bottles of it in my collection, I thought for sure I could find something close to My Kind of Cool Aid. So far, I haven't. Still, I thought it might be good to share what I tried for comparison purposes so if you have some of these you can see how the Cult Nails compares. Two of the ones I pulled to swatch were Rimmel Fast Play in Hit That and OPI Sheer Your Toys.

Top to bottom: Hit That, My Kind of Cool Aid, Sheer Your Toys.

Rimmel Play Fast (I'm still miffed they discontinued these) Hit That has a somewhat similar base color but is too grey to be a match and the shimmer in it is peach/gold, not silver/blue/pink. OPI Sheer Your Toys is much, much lighter and has those weird copper flecks in it, though the other shimmer is closer to Cult Nails than the Rimmel.

I also tried one of the European polishes in my stash, P2 Color Victim in Elegant.

Top to bottom: My Kind of Cool Aid, Elegant.

Again, not a match. The P2 is in the same family for sure, but the base color is lighter and the shimmer is more subtle. I'm hoping to do a bit of a stash reorganization next week so perhaps I'll turn up another polish or two to compare; right now I'm pretty sure this one is unique in my collection.


  1. Great Comps!!!!!! Your pictures turned out really well, even without sun. Thanks Karen!

  2. i am totally jealous of your pics without sun..mine never turn out that well

  3. There's no sun here either, it's very annoying when trying to take pictures! Yours have come out lovely though, better than mine when I have daylight!
    It's a lovely colour, I have a thing for greys atm, maybe it's the weather :)

  4. Where do you buy this brand? I'd love to know!

  5. Isn't this color awesome?! I was afraid I wouldn't like it because it seems so much more gray in all the pics I've seen. I was super happy when I opened it because it's a lot more purple/lavender in person than it seems in pics. I can't wait to wear it.

  6. Awesome post and comparison. I'm excited to get my order. I had to wait until pay day and then that big storm slowed things down a bit.

  7. I'm still not sure if I love this color or not. Thanks for the comparisons!

  8. I love this and I can't think of anything like it. I love your nails. You have some of the very nicest nails out there.

  9. It's great that this colour is so original!

  10. Awesome swatches and comparisons!!
    I really like the color, but I'm too broke to buy it.

    And do you use a lightbox? Your pictures are always so nice, no matter the weather. On cloudy days, I don't even bother picking up my camera because I already know what's gonna happen. :(

  11. This colour looks very quiet and nice. I like it. Your comparison's great as always :)

  12. Even with the full range of colors that has glazes of Brazil
    I have not seen anything so beautiful!
    I loved this beautiful lavender-gray!

  13. Thanks, ladies!

    Ebz, if you follow the link in the entry to R3 Daily, you'll see a link there to the Cult Nails site where you can order.

    ChaosButterfly, yep, I use a lightbox for sure. Maybe I should do a post about it, as it was really easy to put together from stuff I bought at JoAnn Fabrics after seeing a post on a knitting blog.

  14. What a gorgeous color! Way to go Maria!


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