Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wheel U1: Even More Pink Shimmers

A number of my blog friends participate in On Wednesdays We Wear Pink. I can't commit to wearing a pink mani that often, but I can share pink wheels on Wednesdays from time to time, and I have another one this week.

Nail wheel

1. Sally Hansen Beyond Perfect Fresh Lavender (3 coats)
2. Essence Colour & Go Enchanted Fairy (2)
3. Sally Hansen HD Hi-Definition LCD (3)
4. Borghese Piazza Pink (3)
5. Savvy Femme Couture Pink Fairy
6. Maybelline Wet Shine Lilac Lick (2) [really? Lilac Lick?]
7. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Peony (2)
8. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Babe Frost (3)
9. OPI Flower to Flower (2)
10. Maybelline Express Finish Pink Shock (2)
11. OPI unknown (2) [no codes on this one that I can see]
12. Maybelline Colorama Electric Orchid (2)
13. OPI La Paz-istively Hot (3)
14. Borghese Dolce Vita Fuchsia (2)
15. Orly Fiesta (2)
16. Sally Hansen HD Hi-Definition Digital (2)
17. Hot Topic unlabeled (2)
18. Be Yu 238 (2)
19. Essence Colour & Go Ultimate Pink (2)
20. Zoya Reece (2)

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 15:

16 through 20:


  1. YAY! another amazing wheel post!

    i absolutly adore that zoya polish!

    <3 BB

  2. My favorite is the Be You 238 . It's gorgeous !

  3. Wow!! I only own Reece and I love it! BTW I started doing pink Wednesdays to swatch some of my untried pinks (my attraction to this color varies according to season/mood...) :-)

  4. Reece looks great! I need this one!!

    thanks for this comparison! It's always useful!!

  5. I really need to stop clicking on these wheel posts...more and more lemmings!

  6. Yay! Pink is my favorite!! I love them all!!

  7. Whoa!! You just racked up 20 weeks of Wednesday pinks, Karen!

    Gotta love pinks. :)

  8. I see that you have numbers on your wheels.

    I am in the process of sorting all my polishes into color groups and then labeling wheels with number such as what you did. Then I am putting the number associated with the polish on the wheel on my bottle of polish as well so I can find the color I need easy. Is that what you did too?

  9. Pretty colours. My favourite is number 20. :)

  10. Thanks, ladies!

    imfeelingnail-venturous, I'm not quite that organized to label the bottles; I keep a little notebook where I write down the polishes as I paint the wheels, so I use that when I'm looking for a particular color from a wheel.

  11. Wow, really gorgeous!!! SOOO shimmery! <3


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