Thursday, December 22, 2011

End of the Year Displays

I thought my last display post was going to be the final one for the year. I was wrong. In the last couple weeks, I've seen more new stuff and wanted to post while it was fresh. This won't be a marathon tour like some of my display posts, just a quick survey of what I've spotted at a few stores lately.

Ulta had Nicole by OPI mini sets called Icy Color; these have the four foil shades from the Liquid Metal collection from this past spring: Miss Independent (cool-toned pink), It Starts With Me (peachy rose), Rich in Spirit (silvery blue), and The Next CEO (gold). I so wish they'd make the bottle shape of the full-size ones match the minis.

Then over in the OPI section at Ulta, there was this unlabeled display of China Glaze. Evidently these are Ulta holiday exclusives, but I didn't hear that from Ulta. I wouldn't have even been looking out for these if some other ladies hadn't found them and posted about them. Top to bottom, there's Ultamate Holiday (gold glitter with scattered holo), Fireside Glow (coppery glitter with scattered holo), and Mistletoe Me (fuchsia foil). You can see some great swatches (and even a video) of them over on The PolishAholic.

Moving on to CVS, they had some short pimp canes with only
five colors in them compared to the ten in the ones I'd seen before. These were all shimmers in mostly muggle-safe colors. There was a deep blue one that looked interesting, but not interesting enough for me to buy the other four colors to get it.

Quite near the mini pimp canes there was something surprising: a Wet 'n' Wild Ice Baby display. When these first popped up they were only at Walgreens; the display even said "Exclusively at Walgreens". Well, that exclusivity must have been a limited time thing, because here they are at CVS.

Then, as I was leaving the makeup section and heading out of the store, I saw a whole big display of a brand I've never seen before fastened to the end of the haircare aisle. Spoiled, it's called, and there looked to be around 40 colors. This said CVS Exclusive on it. We'll see about that, I guess.

There were a couple of chunky glitters in there; you know those came home with me. There were some finer glitters, too, but they looked suspiciously like Sinful Colors shades. There was a warm green one that reminded me of Call You Later, and a warm purple one that looked like I Miss You.

Moving on to Rite Aid, there was a new City Color display. This one had yet another bottle style—I can think of three they've had for this brand so far, and near as I can remember, there have only been four displays since the brand first showed up. I picked up a couple of these bottles to check if they had color names (they didn't seem to) but none spoke to me and told me to take them home. I think they were all shimmers, but I didn't spend too much time inspecting them.

On another shelf, there was something interesting from Sally Hansen: nail care products with the Salon Manicure line name on them. Remember when the Complete Salon Manicure polishes first came out and the brochure said they included base coat and top coat right in with the color? Evidently Sally has realized that most of us still use a separate base and top coat with them, so is providing some new options in that area, along with a swirly cuticle remover/cream.

On yet another shelf, there was something even more interesting—limited edition Valentine's Day Salon Effects designs! There are five different ones: Love Always (the word love and hearts), How Romantic (graphic rectangles), Speed Dating (hearts), Are You Single (swirls and hearts), and Cross My Heart (hearts and x's).

One thing I was hoping to include in this post was the Revlon Colorstay re-launch; some people have seen that display at CVS, but I've been to five CVS stores in the last week and haven't spotted it. The way these things usually work is I'll post this entry today and then see the display on my way home tonight. I guess in that case I can do an addnedum, since I really truly don't think I'll do another full display post between now and the end of the year.


  1. You are so lucky to have Ulta's, and Walgreens etc. I'm from BC and we don't get near as many cool polish's! I would go nuts in those stores!

  2. I should had been checking at CVS for the Ice Baby collection... need to check NOW :-P great post!

  3. I'm so jealous of all the displays you find! We don't have Rite Aids here in Texas so I miss a lot of stuff. :( When I was visiting relatives in West Virginia... omg. Rite Aid was like Mecca. Usually we don't get the pumpkin or snowmen polishes either, but I was at Kroger yesterday and nearly missed a display of snowmen! So that was a pleasant surprise.

  4. Great post!!!
    I think I saw in a blog that the Spoiled ones are from Wet'n'Wild...not sure

  5. Wow, they have such good stuff at the stores near you! Thanks for showing us all this stuff, I'll keep an eye out because some of it will appear in stores here later.

  6. I'll have to keep an eye out for some of these displays...there's a good likelihood I'll be visiting the US in the next week or so!

  7. The drug stores are spoiling us with all the pretty things.

  8. I would have immediately bought that Nicole by OPI, really cute! Spoiled reminded me of Sinful Colors, maybe just because of bottle shape.

  9. Wow! The only one I have seen is the Nicole display. You must get them all where you live! Thanx for keeping me in the loop!

  10. I wish I could find all of them like you do! And always so nice looking! Do you make them pretty for the pictures?

  11. The china glaze display has so pretty colours

  12. Thanks, ladies! Yes, I am fortunate to live in an area with lots and lots of stores--and have a long commute which means I drive right by many of them.

    Nail Reflections, sometimes I do re-arrange things to make a better photo, it's true. :) I don't always have time, but I like to make things pretty when I can. Some other customers just put bottles back in any old place.


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