Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wheel R3: Teal and Turquoise Cremes

I've got some calming cremes for Nail Wheel Wednesday today. Teal, turquoise, Tiffany, robin's egg—whatever they're called, I like them. Maybe it's the Pisces in me, longing for the sea.

Nail wheel

1. OPI Mermaid's Tears (3 coats)
2. Sinful Open Seas (3)
3. Essence Colour & Go You Belong to Me (3)
4. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Barracuda (3)
5. Rescue Beauty Lounge Bikini Bottom (4)
6. Essence Surfer Babe The World's Coolest (3)
7. Nox Twilight Poseidon (3) [my story about this color is longer than fits in a sidenote, so I'll put it below the bottle pics]
8. Sally Hansen New Lengths Marble Creme (3)
9. Finger Paints Tiffay Imposter (2)
10. Orly Frisky (2)
11. Sinful Savage (3)
12. Finger Paints Carnation Creation (2)
13. CQ Corduroy (2)
14. Orly Viridian Vinyl (2)
15. Diamond Cosmetics Don't Teal My Heart Away (2)
16. Color Zone unnamed (2)
17. Pop Beauty Turquoise (2)
18. Nailstation Court Circuit (2)
19. CND Urban Oasis (1) [yep, one coat]
20. Nails Inc. Portland Place (2)

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 15:

16 through 20:

Regarding Nox Twilight Poseidon, I had an extra bottle of this that I swapped with someone over on MakeupAlley back in February or March. I hadn't put a photo in my listing; I usually don't because I'm not trying super hard to move my stuff and mostly swap with people who know what they're looking for already anyway. Some time after my end of the swap got to my partner, I got a message from her saying that the Poseidon I'd sent was not the real Poseidon and implying I'd altered the bottle by adding a lot of white and clear. I knew I had not done that. I knew that bottle looked like the bottle I still had in my stash, and every other bottle of that color I'd ever seen at Meijer, which was the only store around here that sold those polishes. Yet my partner had another bottle of Poseidon in her possession that was a much brighter blue, similar to the one seen on Scrangie. I'd never run across that version, so it never occurred to me to mention that the bottle I had up for swap was a dusty color. This situation really bothered me, so I scoured the web for photos taken by other people who had the same version I'd gotten and sent those links to my partner. She did see my point and it all ended up fine, but I still can't look at Poseidon without remembering that icky feeling I got when I read that first message saying she thought I'd sent a bad polish. (Yes, I do have problems letting go.) Interestingly, when I was poking around today looking for an example of the bright blue version of Poseidon, I found an entry from Emerald Sparkled in which she talks about how her bottle of Poseidon faded from bright blue to grey. It's been a while since I painted this wheel, I should go look and see if my Poseidon is grey now.


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  1. I love all of them, too. I'd like to steal all of them, haha. :D They're lovely.

  2. Um, I sure hope it was another swap partner as we swapped for that Nox and I don't remember accusing you of anything!

    Anyhooo, another post that creates more many teals, robin egg blues etc that I adore! Its amazing how many variations there can be in a wheel within the same family of colours!

  3. Hmph that's a weird story about Poseidon. I'm sorry about that negative experience. It's funny before I even read what color Poseidon was I instantly wanted it! I'm disappointed that's not the original version, but it seems based on Emerald Sparkled post it does fade. Maybe I should get it and wait awhile to see if it turns into the color I like or hope I get your version! :P

  4. I have OPI Mermaids Tears and i love it, such a beautiful dusty green :)

  5. So many beautiful colours! I am loving teal lately so I really enjoyed this post ^_^

  6. How strange about Poseidon! I have sometimes read incidents where more recent iterations of a polish are really different. It seems that actually does happen more often than I thought.

  7. :O I loove these, I love blues.

  8. Oh they are nice and calming. Super pretty too!

  9. Your so good at putting these shades together! They all look great!

  10. That's weird about Poseidon! I've never used anything from Nox Twilight, I wonder if their other polishes are this cursed!

  11. Sinful Savage is so pretty! I may have to pick that one up.

  12. My favorite color for polish, just love pastel green, turquoise cremes, mints! Feels I'm on summer vacation!


  13. I passed on to you the Versatile Blogger Award. See details on my blog at the link below.

  14. My favourite is Finger Paints Tiffay Imposter :)

  15. Ooh, that must have been a really awful feeling! Glad it worked out well though. This color wheel is another fave - so calming...

  16. About NYX Poseidon, it happened to my bottle too. I bought the full collection of the Nyx Twilights and stashed them in my Helmer. I didn't even open Poseidon to swatch it. After one year in full dark, never opened, it had turned from a bright blue to grey. I know the ocean changes its color relentlessly, but this is quite spooky! However, I do love the grey color of my "new" Poseidon.


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