Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Got Yer Displays Right Here

It's only been a couple weeks since my last display post, but I've seen enough new stuff since then that it's time for another one.

At Meijer, I spotted a Color Club Fractured display attached to the side of an endcap. This had some colors I hadn't seen from this line before as well as some I had. The full line up, starting at the top left: Kiss & Break Up (bright purple), Do You Want a Piece (darker purple), Burgandy Burst (dark red), Explosion (orange), The Great Divide (teal), Tattered In Gold (gold), Broken Tokens (silver), Smash Hit (black), Clean Break (white), and Splitting Image (blue).

While I was in Illinois over the Thanksgiving weekend I not accidentally ended up at a few different Walgreens stores, because the ones there have different things than the ones here. Like this holiday-themed Pure Ice display:

Or this Pure Ice display, with pairs of color and crack packaged with little color-coordinated nail files:

One Illinois Walgreens also had a Kleancolor Crack display; I've never seen Kleancolor anything at my Michigan Walgreens. There were six colors here: Red Crackle, Green Crackle, Teal Crackle, Blue Crackle, Purple Crackle, and Brown Crackle. There was a slot for Black Crackle, too, but that was sold out and the slot filled with another color.

At a Target in Illinois, I saw the mini sets that were sold out of the Nicole by OPI display I shared in the last go-round. One set, Merry Must Have Minis, had All Reinder Go the Heaven, Extra Snowflakes Please, Miss Claus' Night Out, and How Rude-olph. The other was Merry Mini Hit-Makers with Justin Bieber colors: Coral Denominator, Not a Gold Bigger, Fuchsia Wife, and I Pink I Love Him.

An Illinois Walgreens was the first place I saw the Revlon display with new colors, though since I've been home I've found this in Michigan Walgreens as well. These appear to be new core shades, though some are ones we've seen before with new names. From top left: Knockout, Sparkling (looks like Lippmann Some Enchanted Evening to me), Saucy, Charismatic, Foxy, Dreamer, Mysterious, Classy, Fashionista, Smoldering, Extravagant, Charming, Impulsive, Sassy, Posh, Scandalous (apparently the old name, Facets of Fuchsia, doesn't fit the new scheme), Flirt, Naughty (looks like Perplex got renamed too), Fearless, and Graceful.

There's another version of this new Revlon display that I've only seen at Bed Bath & Beyond so far (I'm fortunate to have one of the BB&B stores with a health & beauty section on my way home from work). This display has more colors in it than the Walgreens one. By the time I got to it, a couple shades were already sold out, but not the one I was most interested to see: Whimsical, which is quite like Lippmann's Glitter in the Air. The lineup here, starting top left: Foxy (brown shimmer), Sparkling (rosy pink glitter), Classy (peach), Knockout (black creme), Mischievous (taupe), Scandalous (fuchsia glitter in black), Flirt (purple leaning pink), Impulsive (purple), Radiant (formerly known as Blue Mosaic), Posh (green), Sassy (lime creme), Charistmatic (light orange), Muse (green leaning tan creme), Zealous (acid green), Timeless (light grey), Fearless (orange red), Whimsical (pink and blue glitter in light blue base), Angelic (pink), Dreamer (light blue), Mysterious (blue), Smoldering (grey shimmer), Charming (light purple), Fashionista (teal), Chic (no idea), Elegant (also no idea), Saucy (red), Popular (formerly known as Starry Pink), Bewitching (red), Extravagant (deep rose), Naughty (taupe shimmer), Graceful (light brown), Stunning (silver & holo glitter, looks like Belle).

Bed Bath & Beyond also had the Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe glitter collection: Gingerbread (gold), Beyond the Mistletoe (turquoise), Holiday Splendor (green), Sugar Plum Fairy (light lilac), Candy Cane (purpley pink), and Jingle Jangle (blue).

Essie Luxeffects (which I've been calling Luxe Effects) has finally started showing up in stores around here. Glitter and flakies and shimmer top coats—I've been looking forward to these! Ulta had them in one of the standard six-slot Essie displays (I think they just change out the cards in back); since there are only five colors in Luxe Effects that bothered my OCD-ness just a bit. Left to right: As Gold as It Gets, Set in Stones, Pure Pearlfection, A Cut Above, Shine of the Times, and As Gold as It Gets (again).

At Walgreens, there was a dedicated Luxeffects display with the five polishes in the collection plus five core colors, and the display suggested pairings. If I'm interpreting the little color squares correctly, Sew Psyched was matched with As Gold as It Gets, Eternal Optimist with Shine of the Times, Wicked with A Cut Above, Marshmallow with Pure Pearlfection, and Merino Cool with Set in Stones.

Rite Aid had a four-polish display; this was missing Shine of the Times, the flakie, which was disappointing. Why play this game, Essie? As long as you're going to be in drugstores, why not put all the colors there? And don't say because you have retail exclusives to make up for it, because we saw those pop up in salons this season, so they weren't especially exclusive, were they?

Sally Hansen continues to churn out new stuff; the latest I've seen is the relaunch of Diamond Strength with a new bottle shape and a mix of old and new colors. I heard this showed up at WalMart first, but since I try to avoid that place, I didn't see it until it hit CVS. Some of the colors were missing from this particular display, and someone (not me) had rearranged the remaining bottles to fill in gaps in the rows. At least this will give you an idea what to look for if you're after any of these. But they're new core, so there's no rush.

Walgreens had an endcap that combined the new Diamond Strength line and Gem Crush. This had a full selection of the Diamond Strength colors: Flawless, Diamonds, Platinum, Aisle Be There, Glass Slipper, Brilliant Blush, Champagne Toast, It's Chiff-on, Pink Promise, Pulled Sugar, Lavendar Marquis, Love Bug, Must-Have Iris, Fuchsia Bling Bling, Diamonds and Rubies, Red Velvet, Honeymoon Red, 3K or More, Nude Shimmer, Antique Bronze, Royal Romance, Wedding Crasher, Save the Date, and Black Diamond. There's also a Diamond Flash Fast Dry Top Coat, which I might have to try.

China Glaze Eye Candy popped up at Ulta and Sally Beauty. It looked like the Ulta display had room for two full sets of the six glitters in the collection. When I got there, it was full but there were three of some colors and none of others. The display at Sally had only four slots to start with. Not matter, I ordered mine online.

Finally, at CVS, over by the hand lotion because there's still candy piled up in the beauty area, I saw a Confetti display with colors I've seen before but just not in this configuration. Left to right: All That Glitters, Sugar Plums,
Rhapsody in Blue, Tinsel, Green With Envy (which I liked better when it was called My Favorite Martian, but maybe they got sued by whomever owns the rights to that name), Sprinkles on Top (used to be Ice Ice Baby), Blue Glitz, Snow Day (not sure, but looks like Happy Birthday).

This might be the last display post for 2011. I can't think of anything I'm still waiting to see, though I didn't know those Revlons were coming so it could be I'll be surprised by something else in the next few weeks. Seems a little late for anyone to get stuff out for the holiday shopping season, though.


  1. Thanks for this post! I am DYING to find that big Revlon display with Whimsical (the GitA Dupe). I wonder why BB&B was the first to get them. I hope they hit the regular stores soon!

  2. mmmmmm, the Essie polishes look really good! Interesting how the rest of the companies are coming up with the crackle polishes...next year all of them will do the magnetic polishes :D

  3. I'm amazed that so many of those displays are full or near full when you take your pix...you must be there at the right time! And just when I thought we'd seen enough crack, its still coming out in new colours!

    Good to see the Essies which means they should be in my area soon...I don't know about you but I sure hope its the last of the new released for a while...at least until after Christmas!

  4. omg I'd die if I had to walk through all this!!

  5. Umm green crackle???? This is what I need!! I wish my BBB sold make up. grrr..

  6. Awesome post as usual!!! I want Whimsical..my BB&B doesnt carry make up boooo the Walgreens I went to only had the smaller display, i thought it was weird how some of the colors had been renamed!

  7. I love these posts. The sparkly Essies look so pretty! I am ready for the end of the Crackle craze... I hate how many crackle polishes I see when I go to the store.

  8. Yay!!!! I love this post! These displays are so great!!! Thanks


  9. WOw That's alot of displays! I'm jealous our displays are never that neat!

  10. Wow this was the sexiest post ever! ROFL I loveee display posts and this was the mother of them all!

  11. Oh wow. I don't know how you can go into the shops and not just scream wildly,sweep everything into a trolley and then dump the contents of your purse at the checkout.
    I rarely comment on these display posts, but my goodness, I love them so *sigh*. We don't have anything looking this good over here. I remember seeing your posts last Christmas and seeing your snowmen. I wanted to cry because the weren't in MY helmer, lol.

    Thank you for your display posts. They are drool worthy x

  12. I have decided I am defintiely over shatter, although I did see some swatches of a type of crackle that looks like alligator skin, and I think it looks really cool. I might jump on the alligator bandwagon!

  13. I'm on the lookout for that Essie Luxeffects display! I want to get that flakie as a backup for when I run out of my beloved Hidden Treasure!

  14. I love these posts! I need to go on the hunt for those Essie polishes.

  15. thanks always love these posts of yours it safely feeds the addiction lol I don't understand why essie wouldn't put the most wanted one in the display that my stores will probably have the flakie was the must have and now some displays won't have it such crap-ola.

  16. I can't believe all those great brands that are just up for grabs in the US! If I need myself some Essie, Color Club or China Glaze, I'm bound to order online. And finding such full displays in the flesh must be like super heaven :)

  17. I just love looking at displays. These just makes me want to live in the US. Craving the Essie and Color Club polishes. Sparkle love. :)

  18. Wow!!
    It's amazing!!
    Here in France we don't really have polishes like that, only a few brand, and the are sold really expensive and they don't follow any collection )=
    It must be hard not to buy them all!

  19. China glaze, colour club and essie displays have beautiful glittery colours.


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