Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Elle Imperial Purple and Saturday Night Shimmer

Back before Christmas, I included the Elle nail polish at Kohl's in my display post and said I was waiting to buy some until I could get the price down from $10. Sometime after that, I got a good coupon so picked up some. I've got two today: Imperial Purple and Saturday Night Shimmer.

I chose Imperial Purple because of the coppery highlights I could see in the shimmer.

On the nail, the copper wasn't immediately visible; it just looked like a plummy wine color (not what I call purple, exactly).

At an angle, though, the copper did show up, turning the plummy wine deeper and richer. It's like a really, really subtle duochrome, and I like it a lot.

I also like the glow Imperial Purple has in low light:

Saturday Night Shimmer is a dusty mauve with a purple flash in the shimmer, along the lines of Essie Demure Vixen. I'm not sure what this has to do with Saturday night—it seems quite office approriate, even for a conservative workplace. Saturday night is much more flashy in my head (not in my reality, though; many times that's when Mr. Karen and I do our grocery shopping since the store is never crowded).

The purple flash in the shimmer is on the shy side, but it does show up more in low light.

I had no issues with application. Imperial Purple was two coats and Saturday Night Shimmer was three (no topcoat on either). I don't think I'd pay full price, but on sale and/or with a coupon I can see myself getting more colors.


UPDATE 07-Mar-2013: You can see all the colors on the Kohl's Elle page.


  1. those two are really pretty! love imperial purple

  2. Imperial Purple is really nice, anyway none of them is really "Saturday night" to me (or at least what a Saturday night should mean, actually mine is even more quiet than yours, usually I'm at home, happy to have some rest).

  3. I love the shimmer in both. Great polishes!

  4. Imperial Purple is lovely once the shimmer shows - both are beautiful!

  5. These are pretty but like you said I wouldn't pay full price!

  6. Those are pretty! I like Saturday Night, but I wouldn't pay $10 for it either. :p


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