Monday, January 28, 2013

Recent NOTD: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Snow Way

I did my posts last week from Idaho, where Mr. Karen and I were once again skiing at our home away from home on Schweitzer Mountain. The morning we left, I quick put on some wintery strips from Sally Hansen, blue snowflakes and dots on a pearly white background called Snow Way. These were part of the limited edition display that came out this past Christmas.

For the first part of our ski week, there was sun on the mountain but a thick layer of clouds in the valley; the tops of nearby peaks looked like islands floating in a sea of white.

All the clouds around made for some really pretty sunrises.

Our last day, it was snowing at the top of the mountain, but nearly raining at the base, which meant I got rather wetter than is ideal on a ski day, but it was still fun.

The strips held up pretty well, even though I had put a treatment coat on underneath, which in the past has seemed to interfere with them sticking securely. Here they are on day six when I stopped to take a break at the lodge:

I didn't end up having time to take them off before I came back to work today, which would have been fine if my nemesis Mr. Peelies hadn't ruined the tips of the strips on my index and middle fingers. Since I had that treatment base on under the strips, I was able to just peel the rest of them off, which looked somewhat better than having just part of strip on those nails, but still weird. As I often have done when I'm desperate for a quick change, I turned to crack. A coat of China Glaze Platinum Pieces, put on at stoplights on my drive to work, blended the bare nails with the rest.

I am really hoping to get home early enough tonight to be able to fit in a proper polish change, but given that I've got a lot of catching up to do at work from being gone, this look might have to hang on a couple more days.


  1. Wow!
    I love this pattern! Gorgeous!

  2. OK first your scenic pics are awesome! Second-you turned to crack-made me LOL big time! Third-should you really be applying nail polish while you drive? how do you not spill and make a mess? Is it just the polish or do you do all the steps-base, polish, top coat? you are just so silly! XOXO

    1. Me, silly? Okay, yeah, I suppose. I only polish in the car when I'm stopped, and put the cap back before I move again, so not too dangerous. I don't do full manis in the car, just freshen up what's there with a topcoat or crack or somethin'. :)

  3. The crack fixer is an awesome idea! Also, so jealous. ;) I haven't been skiing in ages! I couldn't imagine polishing in the car. I barely have time (also while stopped) to see if the *beep* from my phone is an email or actual text requiring me to make an extra stop.

  4. I love the photos from the mountains, it's a wonderful landscape, and that yeti with the goggles is quite cute too ;)
    The strips were so appropriate for the occasion, and they wore well the base coat in spite :)

  5. que chulas!

  6. So pretty! I like the added crackle :)
    Your pictures look amazing!


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