Friday, January 18, 2013

Mid-January Displays

It's time once again to clean out my display photo folders and show you what I've come across when making my regular rounds of stores here in metro Detroit over the last couple/few weeks.

When I did my last display post, I'd only seen the Nicole by OPI Modern Family collection at the CVS Nail HQ. I've since seen it a few other places. The CVS that doesn't have a Nail HQ yet had a smaller shelf top display that had only some of the colors. Ulta had the same small display (multiple instances of it at one store). The colors in this smaller display are Back in My Gloria Days, Haley Good Lookin', Basking in Gloria, Candid Cameron, What's the Mitch-uation, A Phil's Paradise, and Luke of the Draw.

At Meijer, they had a sidekick that did have all the colors—well, slots for all of them; by the time I saw it, the display was rather picked over.

I shared the shelf top display with the new Sally Hansen Salon Effects designs last time; this time I've got a freestanding unit which includes them that I saw at CVS. This had the new strip designs as well as some existing designs and treatments plus Insta Dri and Xtreme Wear colors.

At Meijer, there was a display with just new Insta Dri colors (I think these had also been in that CVS display above). There's Blue Away (light blue), Pink Blink (light pink, sold out by the time I got there), Fuchsia Flare (coral pink), and Peachy Breeze (orange).

Last display post saw a couple variations of displays with the L'Oreal spring 2013 Trendsetter collection of brights; I've seen a couple more since. Walgreens had this end cap with the polishes surrounded by a lot of makeup:

Walgreens also had a shelf top display with three metallic shimmer shades of polish plus three designs of Nail Lingerie strips. The polish names are Look at Me (purpley pink), Just Jet Setting (silvery teal), and Don't Hate Me Cuz (brownish gold). The strip designs are called In With the New, Something About Her, and Elite Chic.

Meijer had a display with the brights, the metallic shimmers, and the strips.

The strips all have a similar design, just the color of the dots varies (all are metallic and blingy).

Wet 'n' Wild continues to send out the Fergie polishes in new configurations. At Walgreens, I saw an endcap with the polishes and various makeup items that I hadn't noticed before.

Rite Aid had a new display: 'stoned' nail color. The stones on the display card photo are much more colorful than the polishes. Left to right: Rollin' Stone (grey), Lady Madonna (old rose), Age of Aquarius (very dark grey), Dusty Spring Fields (taupe), and Ramblin' Red (dark red).

I somehow missed the news that Finger Paints was coming out with a caviar/fish egg collection, so when I saw the Candy Coated display at Sally Beauty, I was surprised. There are three polishes—Spun Sugar (warm light purple), Gimme Some Sugar (light orange), and Cupcake Heaven (light teal)—and three colors of tiny beads: Sweet Tooth (black), Sugar Coated (light coral pink/soft orange), and Candy Coated (pastel teal/lilac/pink). They're sold separately, so you can mix and match.

At WalMart, I saw an all-in-one Nail Rock kit with teal polish and mixed wine/teal beads. I expect that these came in other colors, but I couldn't find the display, just this one kit shoved on a shelf.

Back to Sally's, they also had the China Glaze Tranzitions display. These are the colors that change when you apply topcoat, just like the ColorPhase polishes they had at Rite Aid earlier this year. There are six colors here: Altered Reality (teal), Shape Shifter (blue grey), Metallic Metamor-phosis (grey), Duplicity (light teal), Split Personality (purpley pink), and Modify Me (blue). The display also has Fast Forward Top Coat in it.

At Ulta, I spotted the OPI Mariah Carey collection, including the Liquid Sand polishes (intentionally gritty? I'm not so sure about that concept but I'll try it). There are four regular polishes: Sprung (coppery shimmer), A Butterfly Moment (dusty peach shimmer), Pink Yet Lavender (lilac/pink glitter), and Anti-bleak (bright plum creme). There are four Liquid Sand colors: Stay the Night (wine/black), The Impossible (reddish pink), Can't Let Go (purpley blue), and Got Your Number (deep turquoise). There's a mini set with just the Liquid Sand colors.

I'll wrap up with the three Valentine's themed displays I saw; most of these were re-promotes, so I didn't spend much time studying them. Orly's I Heart Nails, which I saw at Ulta, contains (left to right) La Vida Loca, Monroe's Red, Toast the Couple, and Lift the Veil.

At CVS, they had Spoiled's Spoil Me display with a bunch of core colors: Tip Your Waitress, Plastic Flamingo, Cotton Mouth, Correction Tape, Hit the Brakes, and Tip Your Waitress (yes, again).

At Meijer, there was Studio M Be a Heart Breaker, which apparently really appealed to people because all the times I've seen it at different stores, at least a few of the colors were already sold out. Fortunately, most of these appear to be core or re-promotes. Top row: French Tip, Date Night Red (gone), Slammin' Red, Drama Queen, Foil Me Once, Hot Like Lava, All That Razz, Power Pink. Bottom row: Tru Passion, Neon Pink, Neon Pink (again), Singles Only, Platinum Record, Fame & Fortune (gone), Hot Couture, Clearly in Love (gone, but I saw it at another store and it's just clear polish).

As we head into spring, I expect a lot more new stuff will start to show up in stores, and of course I'll be out there snapping photos of it to share here.


  1. I love these posts... I just wish I had a Meijer`s here. Thanks so much for doing these.

  2. I didn't know about the Finger Paints ones! Definitely going to check those out, thanks for the post:)

  3. I love these posts, too...keep 'em comin'! (and thank you :)

  4. I've seen swatches of the Liquid Sand polishes and they're SO pretty. Might have to keep my eyes open at walmart for the caviar kit...

  5. Fantastic display post as always - true fuel for a polish hoarder, nonono enthusiast ;)

  6. That Studio M display looks really interesting! :)

  7. They all look amazing! I can't wait to hear what you think of those liquid sand polishes... they don't look too appealing to me but almost every review i'v come across sounds the same, "I didn't think i'd like these but now i'm wearing it, i'v changed my mind..." =P

  8. I'm not too excited about these collections for some reason... too many celebrities maybe..... I love these posts though. It's like I get to go to all the stores in 2 minutes. :D

  9. That Sally Hanson insta dri blu away isn't new. I have it and trust me I am not cutting edge!

    1. Jodie, I thought that looked familiar--thanks for confirming it. I guess when SH says "new" she means something different than what I think of. :)

  10. I haven't seen the Modern Family display, those look really pretty!

  11. Beautiful displays. I can't believe how much nail art stuff there is now :)


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