Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nicole by OPI Selena Gomez Collection, Part 1

In addition to the seven Nicole by OPI Selena Gomez glitters I spotted at CVS and shared in my last display post, there are an additional seven polishes in the full collection. These other seven are cremes and shimmers, and I was fortunate to be able to swatch them thanks to getting bottles for review from OPI.

I'm going to take these in order from least shimmery to most shimmery, starting with Spring Break, a bright pink creme. At least I think it's a creme; you'll see with some of the shimmers coming up that it can be hard to tell with some of the ones in this group. I know for sure I used two coats, no topcoat (nothing today has topcoat until quite near the planned end of this post; I'll tell you when that happens).

Hit the Lights is a yellow that looked like a very, very subtle shimmer in the bottle but read as a straight up creme on my nails and to my camera. I used three coats; it was a tiny bit streaky but not at all bad for a yellow, which tend to be ill behaved as a group, at least for me. This is nicely pigmented, and I probably could have done just two coats if I'd been paying attention.

Love Song is a medium purple with an incredibly subtle shimmer. I used two coats of this one.

What looks like it might be dust in the photo below is actually the shimmer; it's that subtle.

The namesake polish in this collection, Selena, is a rosy peach, again with a subtle shimmer. This was three coats.

I did get the shimmer in Selena to show up in a low light photo.

Naturally is a medium pink with a very similar shimmer to that in Selena, and it was also three coats like Selena.

Low light shot of the shimmer in Naturally:

Pretty in Plum is a red violet with a more traditional shimmer, meaning I can see it clearly on the nail. I used two coats of this one.

I feel like Pretty in Plum would have benefitted from topcoat, but nonetheless it glowed very nicely in low light:

Scarlett is a warm red flecked shimmer. There was some gold visible in bottle, but that didn't really show on my nails. Two coats of this one gave fine coverage.

For fun, I put on a white base color and used the three lightest colors—Hit the Lights, Selena, and Naturally—in a dotticure. This does have topcoat on it; if I'd left it off, it'd probably remind me even more of a candy that many of you reading this are probably too young to remember—tiny candy buttons which came on a paper strip. (Apparently, this candy has a Facebook page. I guess I shouldn't be surprised by that, but I am.)

I think this is a great collection for spring—as a group, the colors make me think of a field of tulips blooming. I'm not so sure about the very subtle shimmers; it bothers me a bit when I can't tell if something's a creme or a shimmer or if I need a category on my stash spreadsheet for subtle shimmers. Not that I won't buy them if I like the color (see a lot of my Dior collection), of course.

The polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider.


  1. LOL, as soon as I saw the dotted manicure, my mind said "oh that looks just like those candy buttons I used to eat as a kid". Then I read your description which said they reminded you of the candy buttons too.
    What I hated about those candy buttons was they were kinda dry tasting like mini Necco wafers.

  2. Very nice swatches, Selena is so pretty

  3. I really like Selena, Hit the Lights, and Love Song. I also really like how the polka dots looked like. It's really pretty.


  4. I am loving polishes that have very subtle shimmers in it!! I like the little extra glow compared to regular cream polishes!!

  5. My Wam-Lart had a full display tonight. I got 6 of the glitters and missed out on Mi Fantasia because some how I picked up 2 Sweet Dreams *duh* I also picked up Scarlett.

  6. I love basically all these colors, great swatches...

  7. I like that Love Song purple one-so pretty! Love you did nail art!!!

  8. LOL I hated candy buttons. :p Always sticking to the paper. Good riddance! Although it's not as bad as candy corn or circus peanuts.... *shudders* LOVE the dotticure, though!! :D So pretty.

  9. I loved candy buttons! And I really like these, especially Hit The Lights. I've only seen the glitters in stores, though!

  10. I love your dotticure. I love the look of Love Song

  11. Nice swatches :-) My favourite is Selena :-) Your dot manicure is adorable! :-)

  12. Can you tell me where you got the nail polish from? I havent had any luck finding it.

    1. Kristina, these bottles were sent by OPI for review so I didn't have to shop for them. So far I haven't seen this half of the collection in stores, just the glitter half, which I've found at CVS and Meijer. I'm guessing it just might take a bit longer for them to start showing up. I did see a few bottles on Amazon & eBay just now but the prices were on the high side.


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