Thursday, August 22, 2013

Zoya PixieDust Fall 2013 Collection

Fall Texture Week continues today with swatches of the review samples Zoya sent of their latest PixieDust release. As with the Spring 2013 and Summer 2013 PixieDust collections, the Fall 2013 has six colors. The shades this time are called Tomoko, Chita, Sunshine, Carter, Arabella, and Dhara. Normally I'd have a bottle shot at this point in the post, but after I'd gone through the photos I took for this collection and deleted the ones that I didn't like, I didn't have any bottle shots left. Then when I went to restore some from the Recyle Bin so I could take another look, I really deleted them and neither of the recovery tools I have could find them again. We'll just have to move right along to the swatches.

All of these have the fine grained matte yet glittery textured finish that we've come to expect from the PixieDust line. I used two coats of each color for the swatches.

Tomoko is gold which leans toward the cooler end of the gold spectrum. This is much more flattering on my skintone than yellow gold of Solange from the summer collection.

Adding topcoat to Tomoko didn't make a huge difference in the indirect illumination my lightbox; it was just a bit more shiny. In low direct light, seen below, topcoat made it more sparkly but didn't reveal any hidden highlights, just the fact that maybe a third coat of this one might have been a good idea to make it truly opaque.

Chita is a dark green. I almost stopped at one coat with this one, but went ahead and did two for extra texture.

With topcoat, the gold highlights in the glitter pop out. It's pretty that way, but I think it's much more interesting without topcoat.

Sunshine is a dark blue. I know the name is meant to be a woman's name, not literally sunshine, but I still think they could have used this name for warmer color.

With topcoat, the silver glitter in Sunshine takes more of a role; it looks like a night sky. As with Chita, it's pretty with topcoat but I prefer it without.

Now we come to Carter, which could be subtitled "the PixieDust Zoya made with KarenD in mind". It's a deep purple with brigher purple glitter; depending on how the light hits it, Carter can look warmer or cooler—sometimes on adjacent nails at the same time.

With topcoat, the glitter in Carter takes the spotlight. I like this one both shiny and textured. Of course I do; it's purple.

Here's Carter's shiny face in low light:

Arabella is a raspberry pink. I consider this one the most "muggle friendly" of this group.

The glitter in Arabella did have some surprises for me when I added top coat and put my hands in direct light; I thought it was just going to show silver, but there's some hot pink and purple in there, too.

Dhara rounds out the group. It's a red-leaning orange. I wish they'd gone just a bit darker with this one to make it more autumnal (and set it apart from the orange textures we've already seen before).

Topcoat reveals some sparks of bright orange and gold in Dhara.

Obviously my favorite in this collection is Carter, but I'd wear any of them for a full mani. Most of them I like as well or better without topcoat, which tells me that Zoya has this texture thing figured out.

The polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider.


  1. I love them! All of them! I am trying very hard not to break my no buy for these or at least stay within the amount of my gift card. Your post is not helping me achieve that lol

  2. Ohhhhh I love thee!!!!

  3. My favorite is Tomoko - and it's sitting in my polish box waiting to be used! Yay! It looks beautiful on you!

  4. Yeah, Carter is the one I want (but I'm trying to talk myself out of buying anything from the BOGO sale this weekend, so it may be a while before I get it). Also, somewhere lately I saw an interview with somebody from Zoya - maybe it was Zoya herself, but I can't remember for sure - where they said that (as we mostly already know) all Zoya colors are somebody's name, and that's why Sunshine is blue. Although then they didn't really explain that; do you get to pick the color that's named after you, or what?

  5. Tomoko has really caught my eye. I love the look.

  6. hehe definitely loving Carter on you :D

  7. I've been longing for Carter since the first promo pictures popped up and you're not making me change my mind with these pictures: it's just glorious <3

  8. The purple, pink and orange are a must :)

  9. i love carter! i also have chita but haven't tried it yet. tomoko looks a lot like honey ryder to me.

  10. Carter is gorgeous....and I have a couple ideas to use Dhara at Halloween.....if only my Zoya's mattes will arrive!

  11. Beautiful collection! My favourites are Sunshine and Tomoko! :-)


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