Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Zoya Magical Pixie PixieDust Collection

Once again, Nail Wheel Wednesday is being preempted by swatches of more current polishes. In addition to the Awaken collection I shared yesterday, Zoya also released three new PixieDust shades for Spring 2014, collectively known as the Magical Pixie collection. They kindly sent bottles of these for review as well. Shade names are Lux, Cosmo, and Vega.

Compared to the PixieDust polishes we've seen before, these are chunkier, with some medium and large glitters in them, and more colorful due to some of those glitters being holographic/color shifting ones.

Cosmo is silver with holographic accents. I used two coats for my swatch. It dried to a rougher texture than the previously released PixieDust polishes, which was not surprising given the larger glitters it has added to the finer ones.

The colors sparking off the holo glitter made me think of the shifting hues of Monet, so I added two coats of that to my ring finger for an accent before adding topcoat to all my nails. I liked Cosmo shiny and smooth like this, and really liked the added oomph Monet gave while still letting the silver base show through.

Lux is a dusty rose with the same holo accent glitters as Cosmo. This shade blends in with my skintone, making it almost a "mannequin hands" look, if mannequins had textured sparkly nails. Like with Cosmo, my swatch is two coats.

I gave Lux the Monet accent nail and topcoat treatment, too.

Vega is the sky blue sibling in this set of triplets. Same texure, same holo glitters, same two coats for the swatch.

Monet accent and topcoat looked good over Vega as well. If I hadn't been pressed for time during this swatching session (as for most sessions), I would have tried a mani with a Magical Pixie color topped with Monet, leaving just the accent nail at two coats of the Pixie Dust alone.

Much as I like these Magical Pixies, I hope Zoya's future releases include more of the fine-grained PixieDust polishes, as those are my favorite texures to wear on their own. I'd like a periwinkle one and a teal green, for sure.

The polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider.


  1. I love how you added Monet to the polishes. They look even better and so much prettier with it!

  2. I think these are a bit too chunky for me. I do like them with Monet on top though lol I totally agree we need periwinkle and a teal green and maybe a grass green normal pixie dust.

  3. I very nearly picked these up today, but... I still have so many to go through... lol

  4. Great swatches :D I like the smaller grained textures better too

  5. Agreed, I prefer the finer finishes...

  6. I like the glitters and the texture of them :)

  7. I almost bought the silver one today, now I'm starting to regret not getting it!

  8. Gorgeous! I bet it really feels gritty (don't mind that too, too much) but what scares me is that it seems one needs a sand-blaster to get it off (foil methods are great but tedious too)... are these extremely difficult to get off?

    1. alelvi123, sorry for the very late reply--these aren't any harder to get off than regular glitter. I do use foil method for them usually because I feel like it's kinder to my nails than scrubbing at them.


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