Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Quartet from IsaDora

Nail Wheel Wednesday called in busy yesterday; I am hoping it will be back next week, as my calendar looks a bit less chock-a-block then. Today I've only got time for a quick post with the four non-textured IsaDora polishes I got on my first trip to Minsk earlier this year. I shared the textured ones in my Textures from Foreign Lands in May; these swatches haven't been waiting quite that long to see the light of day but they have been languishing on my hard drive for a few months.

This quartet consists of Bronze Patina, a shimmer, and four magnetics: Magnetic Mania, Steel My Heart, and Electric Light.

I Skittled these, though I am now wishing I'd at least given Bronze Patina the whole hand treatment, as it's quite an attractive black with olive-y gold shimmer that was nearly opaque in one coat. I used two for this swatch, and also wish I'd added topcoat to shime it up a bit more. That's the story of my index finger, so on to the magnetics. Magnetic Mania, the purple, was thinner than the others; I used three quick coats before holding the magnet close to the surface for about 15 seconds. Steel My Heart is a dark blue grey with a more speckly shimmer than Magnetic Mania and a thicker formula; I used two coats of this one. Electric Light, the plum, had a similar finish to Steel My Heart.

At some angles, Steel My Heart showed off its more blue side, with the shimmer sparking little pops of bright turquoise.

I'm glad to have all of these and would probably have more IsaDora in my stash if it were easier to get around here.


  1. Bronze Patina looks really nice! I also like the colour of Magnetic Mania and the pattern in all the magnetic polishes! The blue shimmer in Steel My Heart is also very nice!

  2. i love magnetic nails ! and i have some too, but with different patterns !

  3. Hi dear Karen, love these swatches, but I have to be sincere with you...when I see magnetic nail polish in some stands I'm tempted to buy them, but at the end, I desist, because I'm not convinced by the final result, and maybe I'm a little bit lazy eheh!!!

  4. OMG Love!! Those magnetized really well!

  5. They are all such "Karen colors" - and they look beautiful on you!

  6. I hope it didn't call in sick? ;-)

    I do like the magnetics :-)

  7. lovely colors and nice magnetic effect :D

  8. Nice Karen! Really liked this post. I think I need to get out and investigate some new beauty products and do some post. Did they have any of these type of polish colors in a dark red? Would be so pretty for the holidays.

  9. all of them are amazing but I am in love with Magnetic Mania- so pretty!


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