Friday, November 7, 2014

Pale Jellies from Wet Paint Nails

Sample provided for review

I was once again fortunate to receive some pretties from Wet Paint to play with, and once again I'm going to spread them out over a few posts because they're so much fun. Today I have four pastel jellies: Part-Time Blonde, Cameo Blush, Bluesy Woozy, and Villa Blanca.

My first thought with pale sheers is a French manicure, so I freehanded some white tips (with Sally Hansen Insta Dri OMGhost) and then did three coats of the Wet Paint colors, starting with the pastel yellow Part-Time Blonde on my index finger (top in photo below), then the pink Cameo Blush, pale blue Bluesy Woozy, and ivory Villa Blanca on my pinky. (What looks like streaking on my ring finger is just my ridges—I didn't do a base coat and that finger is more ridgey than the others. I also got a little sloppy on my pinky and globbed along one side.) I think this mani would be perfect for spring; it looks like Easter candy to me.

These shades also reminded me of watercolor paints, so I thought I'd try layering and blending them with each other. On my index finger, I did four coats of Cameo Blush and foudn that pretty much made it opaque, so definitely these are buildable. On my middle finger, I did two coats of Cameo Blush, one of Part-Time Blonde, then another one of Cameo Blush, which game me a pale peachy pink. On my ring finger, I did one Cameo Blush, two Part-Time Blonde, then one more Cameo Blush; this was a touch warmer peachy pink than on my middle finger. My pinky got three coats of Part-Time Blonde and one of Cameo Blush, which resulted in a pinky peach. The layerings of pink and yellow made me think of the pearly colors inside some seashells; I wish I'd thought to work one of the shimmery toppers into the mix—maybe I'll remember to do that in a future play session.

I decided to try a wintery look next, starting with two of the Wet Paint base colors that joined my stash previously. The silver metallic Always Buy Platinum went on most of my tips, with the deep blue creme Bimini Blue as an accent nail. I then put one coat of Bluesy Woozy on the silver nails and one coat of Funky Fingers Elsa plus clear topcoat on the accent. The combination of the silver base and light blue glaze yielded a slightly greyish blue shimmer effect that coordinated quite nicely with the light blue matte glitter hexes in Elsa.

In direct room light, the shimmery effect was stronger:

This next segment is the "well, that didn't work" portion of our program. I got it into my head to try water marbling again, thinking using one of these sheer polishes would add an interesting aspect to the design. This despite not having attempted it for a few years, nor did it even occur to me to go back and read my notes from the last time I tried it. So I grabbed a little plastic cup and started dropping polish in. Bimini Blue went first, then Bluesy Woozy, which dispersed like whoa. Teal Me I'm Pretty, Villa Blanco (which didn't disperse so wide as Bluesy Woozy had), and Shock & Aqua followed.

After some swirling and dunking, I ended up with this mess on my middle finger (most of which cleaned up quick, since I'd at least remembered the part about taping off my skin):

Since I already had the stuff out, I went ahead and did this three more times, using varying amounts of the colors, sometime with more rings in the cup, sometimes fewer. About the best thing I can say about my efforts is it's on trend, what with negative space manicures being hot now.

Here's my favorite nail, the pinky, with one coat of Bluesy Woozy on top to soften the contrasts:

I will try water marbling again; I'll just attempt to remember to study up a bit first.

I went back to familiar ground for my next look: glitter toppers. These pale jellies are designated as Topcoat Glazes, but I used two coats Villa Blanco as a base for the golden holo microglitters in the line. I used one coat of Crystal and one coat of Stardust on three of my nails, topping my pinky with two coats of Stardust by itself. All nails got clear topcoat for extra shine. These two Special Effects toppers are definitely related, just Crystal is more dense and Stardust more delicate.

You can, of course, use these pastel jellies for glitter sandwiches. I used Cameo Blush as the "bread" and the black and white Novelty Polish 807 as the "filling" for this look (the Novelty is one of my Minsk souvenirs):

I sandwiched the silver shards of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Shattered Stars with Bluesy Woozy (two coats of it, then one of the glitter, then one more jelly layer).

You can buy these jellies from the Wet Paint website, which also has links to their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube pages. The jellies and special effects are $8 a bottle while the bases are $6. I am looking forward to doing more playing with their polishes soon, as I have such fun with them.

The Wet Paint polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. I had complete control of the content of the entry, and I get to keep the polishes for my own use.


  1. They look quite interesting. Eastery candy indeed! :-)

  2. Very cute milky look! And no brush strokes, bald spots - really worth buying!

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  4. Love the look with the blue one. Really pretty!

  5. Loving the names of those jellies! I haven't tried water marbling yet but should soon!

  6. I see you were having fun :D I like the French the most and with bar glitters.

  7. LOL you have been playing Karen, I looks like a lot of fun - and I adore the water marble :)

  8. Haha I LOVE how you enjoy yourself so much by playing with these! I like the jelly sandwiches the most!

  9. so cute ! at first I didn't really like them but now when I saw how you made those nail polishes looking cute, I realized I want them all.

  10. Beautiful post, really interesting! Have a great weekend!!!

  11. Awesome layering combinations! So frustrating when polishes don't want to behave in the water, though. >_<

  12. These are such fun polishes, I love how you layered them up so many different ways!

  13. so many nice nail art ! but first of all this pastel collection is adorable.i like it !


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