Thursday, November 6, 2014

Zoya Matte Velvet Collection

Sample provided for review

Zoya has re-released six of their Matte Velvet colors for Holiday 2014. I knew there were plenty of swatches of these out on the internet already, so I didn't feel guilty about jumping right into doing nail art with them, using all the shades in this stained glass look:

Dovima, the black one, served as my base. Once it was dry, which did not take very long, I put three strips of striping tape across each nail, arranging them in a sort of skewed capital letter A arrangement.

I then used one of my medium width nail art brushes to fill in the spaces around the tape with the other five shades: Loredana (grey), Posh (red), Harlow (plum), Savita (purple), and Verushka (green). I could have been a little more careful to get into all the tight corners and not clump up polish along the tape in some areas, but for my first go at stained glass nails, I'm pretty pleased.

Before I moved on to my next experiment, I added glossy topcoat to this look. That definitely smoothed out some of the imperfections, but wasn't quite as interesting to look at. Maybe next time I'll try shiny "leading" and matte "glass".

Since I love purple and dotting, it seemed natural to put on two coats of Savita and adorn her with dots of Harlow and Loredana.

I liked this combination glossy as well.

For my last look, I laid down a base of two coats of Loredana and then made flowers with Verushka, Harlow, and Posh. Yes, these blooms look like a child could have made them, but if I keep practicing, I'll get better at freehand painting. I may never reach the heights my friend Maria does, but I can keep hoping.

Shiny flowers:

These are available now on the Zoya website for $9 each. You can follow Zoya on Facebook for more information about all their collections and sales and so on.

The polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider.


  1. The stained glass look is my favorite! The shades look gorgeous both matte and shiny :)

  2. Nice designs Karen :-D I'm so tempted by these :-)

  3. The first design is awesome, and my favourite :D It looks like it could be a painting :D

  4. You made some very pretty designs here Karen, but the first is outstanding, it's beautiful and totally cool!

  5. Yeah, I like the first design a lot :)

  6. I absolutely adore the matte velvets!!! *swoons* Your art with them is just fantastic. ^_^ (I'm really hoping that cobalt blue Jenny becomes available to everybody)

  7. The dot and floral mani's are just too cute!

  8. Beautiful nail arts, especially the first one, stunning!

  9. I love the stained glass look...Your idea of mixing shiny and matte the next time is really good (maybe I'do the opposite, making the glass shiny)!

  10. Fun nail art! I was a huge fan of the Matte Velvets when they originally came out and I am happy to see that they were re-released.

  11. Love the manicures you did with them!


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