Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Color Club Made in New York Collection

Sample provided for review

When I posted about the Color Club Fiber Optic I layered them over some shades from the main collection from Color Club for Holiday 2014, which is what I have to share all of today. Made in New York has the three shimmers that put in an appearance in that Fiber Optics post, as well as four sheer shimmery toppers. Top row: Night at the Met, Off Duty, Apple of My Eye. Bottom: Bright Lights Big City (though my bottle actually says "Kights" instead of "Lights"), Concrete Jungle, Lady Liberty, and Million Dollar Listing.

Off Duty is a bright coppery shimmer that was opaque in two coats.

I Skittled the topper shades over Off Duty, adding two coats of each shade to better see how they looked. Left to right below: Million Dollar Listing, Lady Liberty, Bright Lights Big City, and Concrete Jungle.

Million Dollar Listing has pastel gold and pink shimmer; it pushes Off Duty more toward an amber color. Lady Liberty is a light blue green, not a color I'd normally think to layer over copper, but it gives Off Duty an interesting green glow. Bright Light Big City is pink; it changes Off Duty the least, basically just adding a hint of a rosy glow. Concrete Jungle is pink, turquoise, and white, and the densest of the shimmer toppers; it transforms Off Duty into a rose gold almost metallic looking finish.

Night at the Met is a slightly dusty blue shimmer; I used two coats for my swatch. I think this color is just gorgeous, and I liked the finish of it more than Off Duty, too.

Here's Night at the Met with two coats of the four toppers, in the same order as I did over Off Duty: Million Dollar Listing, Lady Liberty, Bright Lights Big City, and Concrete Jungle. I'd wear any of these combinations as a full mani.

Apple of My Eye is a deep berry red with a very subtle shimmer. Like the other two base colors, it was opaque in two coats.

Here's a low direct light shot of Apple of My Eye showing how subtle that shimmer is; this is as much as I could get it to "pop":

And the topper lineup, same order as with other bases: Million Dollar Listing, Lady Liberty, Bright Lights Big City, and Concrete Jungle. I like Million Dollar Listing and Bright Lights Big City best over Apple of My Eye, though the teal and berry combination with Lady Liberty is certainly interesting and unusual. Concrete Jungle is fine, too, just not as striking as the others. I feel light Concrete Jungle could be worn alone at three coats, though I neglected to actually try that out. I found all the toppers slightly on the thick side, though maybe that was just in comparison to the thinner opaque bases. It wasn't an issue working with them, just something I noted.

At the same time as Color Club sent these polishes, they also sent a nail art set with various brushes and a dotting tool. The handles have a pretty silver holo design.

Per the back of the package, this kit contains a fan brush, art brush, edge perfecting brush, flat tipped brush, dotting tool, and striping brush.

With my shaky freehand skills, I went right for the dotting tool and did a crossed lines design with Off Duty and Apple of My Eye on a base of Night at the Met. (This is a refinement of the crossed dots I did with some of the Smitten Polish colors a while back; I like this version better because the lines are more clear.)

This collection is available on the Color Club website for $8.50 a bottle; there's also a four-piece mini set for $12.95 with two of the toppers and two of the opaque shimmers. You can also find social media links for Color Club on the website.

The polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider.


  1. Great swatches, thank you! I might grab one or two of the toppers :)

  2. I love the effect of the toppers over Night at the Met - but Apple of my Eye is my favorite of the base colors....

  3. Oh wow, I think I'm going to have to pick up Lady Liberty! Great swatches!

  4. ah , dear Karen..i have headache//i dont know what is my fav , cause i love every picture..go up and down.. but i can only say the most eye catching for me is third pictures ! but they are beautiful all ! ha
    have a nice day dear !

  5. I'm loving those toppers they looks amazing :-)

  6. Ooh I love Night at the Met and Apple of my Eye! I think it's so great how you play with polishes and show all the different combinations possible. It's really cool to see how the colours change with the toppers!

  7. Apple of My Eye is really super pretty! :*

  8. Night at the Met is fabulous both on its own and with all four toppers! I like also Concrete Jungle on Off Duty. Interesting collection, I'm usually lazy with layerings, but the toppers look fun to play with!


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