Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wheel O7: Glitters from Ulta and Barielle

In keeping with the glittery holiday mood established by my display post on Monday, today I've got a wheel full of glitters, mostly from Ulta (spanning three generations of bottle styles plus minis).

(all have clear topcoat in addition to coats noted below; some could have used more topcoat than that)

1. Ulta Black Tie Affair (3 coats) [from 2011 Glitterati mini set; copy of Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers]
2. Ulta Hide and Go Sequin (3) [2011 Glitterati; resembles Lippmann Bad Romance]
3. Ulta Glamoflauge (3) [2011 Glitterati; Lippmann Across the Universe]
4. Ulta Fashionably Late (2) [2011 Glitterati; I think they were aiming for a Today Was a Fairytale dupe but didn't quite get it]
5. Ulta Fowl Play (4) [2010 Glitterati mini set]
6. Ulta Paparazzi (3) [2010 Glitterati mini set]
7. Ulta Tweet Worthy (3) [2010 Glitterati mini set]
8. Ulta And the Oscar Goes To (2) [2010 Glitterati mini set]
9. Ulta Tinseltown (3) [2010 Glitterati mini set]
10. Ulta Tink-her-bell (3)
11. Ulta Indigo-go Girl (3)
12. Ulta Gold Digger (3) [could see putting this on a shimmer wheel, too, though it has lots of microglitter in it]
13. Ulta Diva (3)
14. Ulta After Party (3)
15. Ulta Sequins (3)
16. Ulta Glitter Top Coat (3)
17. Ulta Bombshell (2) [square glitter makes this one special]
18. Ulta Material Girl (2) [thought this would be more elegant version of Studio M Purple Medallion but base is too opaque to let the glitter show off]
19. Barielle Starchild (3) [I have lots of chunky silver holo glitters, but I think this is my favorite]
20. Barielle Falling Star (2) [striking color combination]

Bottles 1 through 4:

5 through 9:

10 through 12:

13 through 16:

17 through 20:

Destash notes: The Lippmann dupes can go, as I have the Lippmanns. I feel like I probably have dupes for the other Ulta minis, too, and maybe some of the full size ones. I'm still annoyed by their making the bottles hold less when they went to the round ones with the silver caps, so in any war of the dupes, Ulta is going to have a disadvantage (though if an Ulta square bottle is up against a Nicole by OPI, Ulta wins, no question).


  1. I love 4 and 6! Especially 6, it's a bit like a night sky full of stars :)

  2. They look so good - I do like the bottle side by side :-)

  3. Nice glitter. Haven't wore glitters in a long time :)

  4. OH! Hide & Go Sequin and Glamoflauge are so pretty!! (I wish companies would quit changing their bottles... LOL)


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