Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sally Hansen Meets SinfulColors

Today I have eight of the new Insta Dri shades from Sally Hansen. There are fourteen new shades in all; I swatched the other six in December, and as was the case with that set, I introduced the Insta Dri colors to some glittery friends, in this instance the two SinfulColors holiday toppers in stores now.

The Valentine's topper teamed up with the four warm-toned Insta Dri shades. Left to right: Cocoa A Go Go, Orange Zest, Love Sprinkles, Quick Fire, and Cherry Fast.

Sally Hansen Cherry Fast is a raspberry creme. One coat of it was fine coverage-wise, but a second (or a base coat underneath) would have been a good idea to smooth over the ridges in my nails. On all but an accent nail, I added one coat plus a few dabs of SinfulColors Love Sprinkles, which has pale pink and white matte glitter, including white hearts, in a clear base. (In a couple spots, I dabbed too aggressively and smeared some of the base color over the glitter.) The hearts weren't too hard to get out.

Sally Hansen Cocoa a Go Go is the only shimmer in this group of Insta Dris; it's a deep brown. There was another brown shimmer Insta Dri called Coco a Go Go (no "A" in the first word) released in fall of 2011; this one seems a bit darker but I couldn't find my bottle of the old one to check for sure. I did two coats of Cocoa a Go Go though one thick one would probably have been fine. SinfulColors Love Sprinkles went on an accent nail (again, I had the dabbing issue of picking up color from the base and getting it on the glitter; I really need to be a tiny bit more patient with letting layers dry.)

I combined the two other Insta Dri colors from this quartet into one look. Two coats of the yellow-leaning orange creme Orange Zest went on my index finger, and on my other digits I did a sandwich with two coats of the red orange jelly Quick Fire, one coat of Love Sprinkles, then one more of Quick Fire. I was very surprised to find a jelly in the Insta Dri line, since it's marketed as "one coat, one stroke, done", but I like jellies so I'm fine with it.

All the cool tones made up the second group: Show Steel-er, Plummet, Shamrockin', Navy Fleet, and Black to Black.

Sally Hansen Navy Fleet is a dark blue creme that leans slightly toward teal. I used one coat of it, then added one coat plus dabs of SinfulColors Shamrockin' on all but my index finger. Shamrockin' has spring green and white matte glitters, including some large flower shapes, along with green metallic glitter.

I combined Sally Hansen Show Steel-er, a cool medium grey creme, with Black to Black, a black creme, using one coat of the black and two of the grey for my base. I added Shamrockin' over all nails, but purposely wiped the brush so no flower glitters showed up on any but the black accent nail.

The last Insta Dri in this group is Plummet, a very dark purple creme. I did one coat of it on all my nails, then added a coat of Shamrockin' on my ring finger, placing the flower glitters with a dotting tool so they lined up instead of falling randomly.

I accidently bought two sets of these Insta Dris (that'll teach me to not update my spreadsheet before I do more shopping) and then purposely bought extras of the holiday glitters, so it's giveaway time! You can choose which quintet you'd like to win; just fill in the Google form (Rafflecopter has changed since I last used it, with lots of options behind a paywall, so back to a form it is). International entries welcome. This will be a quick one; I'll pull winners on Monday, February 2 at around 9 a.m. Eastern US time.


  1. I love the looks you've created. The little white flowers in Shamrockin' are so cute. I love that polish.

  2. I really like the Cherry Fast with and without glitters :)

  3. I like Sinful Colors toppers best :) Cute sandwich :)

  4. I love Love Sprinkles! I like all the polishes in the first batch a lot, especially that brown with the shimmer! Show Steel-er and Shamrock look really good together as well, especially without those big glitter pieces.

  5. I love both of the glitter toppers! And Show Steel-er looked great paired with Shamrockin' :)

  6. Hi dear Karen, the orange nails are simply wonderful, love the final fruity effect =)
    Have a serene weekend and thanks for the giveaway, it's a nice idea,
    kisses, Marghe

  7. That first picture reminded me of that Sesame Street song. "one of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong". XD

    Good to know the SC glitters aren't too difficult to work with. Still on the lookout for the Shamrock one.

  8. I love the orange sandwich mani! <3

  9. Really cute! I was kind of meh about Love Sprinkles when I saw it in the display, but I may have to give it another look.

  10. I am going to have to go after that orange jelly. It is so squishy. I think I might need the gray one too.

  11. I wasn't sure if I needed to hunt down the two SC toppers, but you sure made them look cute! I really like Shamrockin' over the navy and grey, the green really shows up. Great post!

  12. Great polishes and I'm really loving the SC toppers - oh wow :-D

    LOL I bought a doubler of Illamasqua's Throb by accident :-( I always try to update my spreadsheet before I go out shopping and never put anything in my wishlist basket online!!!


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