Friday, March 27, 2015

Core Displays, Ulta Edition

As I mentioned in my last display post, I have seen some new (or maybe just new to me) core line displays that I wanted to share. With so many new collection displays popping up all the time, the poor core displays get neglected when it comes time for me to do my shopping round ups, so today I'm trying to make it up to them by giving them the spotlight all to themselves.

First up is Mineral Fusion, which I've only ever seen at Ulta. This line touts itself as cruelty free and does not contain formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, or camphor. The bottles are 10ml and retail for $7.99 (though with coupons and sales I've not paid that much).

Colors in top row: Skipping Stone, Pebble, Precious Pink, Blushing Crystal, Glint of Mint, Cerulean Rock, Grotto.
Second row: Blossom, Coral Reef, Citrus Cove, Meadow, Sapphire Dream, Rock Cress.
Third row: Brilliant, Shimmering Shale, Pink Crush, Emerald Sand, Galaxy, Meteor Shower.
Fourth row: Garnet, Fiery Lava, Brick, Canyon, Rose Quartz, Amethyst.
Bottom row: Nickel & Dime, Pretty Penny, Vintage Pearl, Dazzling Diamonds, Top Coat, Base Coat.

Some of these names make perfect sense, while some are so wrong I'd wonder if the bottles were mislabelled except the names on the shelves match. Coral skipping stones and pink pebbles? Guess they're from a cartoon universe. I like that they included the greens and blues to spark up an otherwise traditional lineup of colors.

Unlike the Mineral Fusion, which I've seen at multiple Ulta stores in my area, I've only seen this next brand at one Ulta location. It's 2B, which the display touts as "a new brand from Europe". I almost missed that there was polish in this display; walking by, the wide band at the top neatly hides most of the bottles from view for a person of my height (I held the camera below eye level to get this shot).

They manage to cram a lot into this little section of the display. Below you can see Jeans Look, Holographic, and Feathers effect polishes.

Below the Feathers, there are Leather Effect colors.

On the right side, there's an assortment of regular cremes and shimmers as well as base coat, top coat, and black light effect top coat.

I didn't get names of all the 2B colors, but I did buy some for later swatching. I also didn't record the prices on these; I don't think they were expensive, maybe around $3, but the bottles are on the small side.

Staying at Ulta, most (maybe all?) of the ones I frequent now have Whim, a brand exclusive to Ulta. They are selling this as a 3-stp system for a gel-like manicure, but I ignored their base and top coats and looked just at the colors, of which there are many. These are $10 per 9.5 ml bottle, which is premium pricing, but so far I've been able to use the Ulta coupons on them, even the ones that exclude premium brands.

I did get the names of all these (mostly because it was easy; they are printed on the display). Settle in and read or skip over, as you wish.

Front row, left side: Cover Your Bases (base coat, three slots), City Scape, More Sequins Please, On Top of It (top coat, three slots).

Front row, right side: Heavy Metal, Dipped in Gold, Champagne Taste, Steel Drum, Wine Me Up, Sparkle Sparkle Everywhere, Fit for a Royal, Catwalk.

Second row, left side: Musical Note, On Wednesdays We Wear Pink, Pop-sicle, Dreaming in Pink, In Love With Love, whim.sicle, Party Perfect, Drinks at Sunset.

Second row, right side: Ripe from the Tree, Best Dressed, No Rules Apply, Burning Up, Firecracker Fury, There's No Place Like Home, Gone Glamorous, Retro Vibe.

Third row, left side: Twerk Your Tailfeather, Moody Blues, Serendipity, Bling Ring, Rule the World, Midnight Wink, Indigo Waters, After Hours.

Third row, right side: LBD, Rock 'n' Stroll, Marshmallow Mousse, Barely There, Sand & Stone, This Calls for Cava, Fan-TAN-sy, Spanish Lover.

Back row, left side: Frosted Cupcake, Royal Dreams, Sheer Nightie, Dance Recital, Pink Tulle, Is My Tiara On Straight, Tea Party Proper, TGIF.

Back row, right side: Catching Confetti, You're Tutu Much, Do You Lilac Me, Lemon Drop, Mojito Mint, One Last Kiss, Blue Sky Melody, I'll Send You a Postcard.

The above Whim photos are all of the introductory display which was setup in the front of the stores. Some stores have already reset the brand into a more permanent display back by the salon nail polish. The shades are the same, but the arrangment is different:

One last thing from Ulta: I noticed they'd tweaked the Essence endcap to slip in the Shake Me I'm Pretty topcoat that I'd seen in the standalone display recently, as well as two new Effect polishes, Never Stop Dreaming (red) and Rock My World (silver lilac).

I have a few more core displays still stuck in my folders but those will have to wait for another day as I'm just about ready to step away from the computer and start my weekend. Happy shopping, everyone!


  1. My Ulta isn't even close to being this cool.

  2. Those Catching Confetti and This Calls for Cava by Whim are catching my eye ;)

  3. Oh how I wish we had that kind of selection variety here...

  4. I haven't been to Ulta in a while - I think I'm going to have to go and check out the wares! I'm surprised you found Mineral Fusion there; I've only ever seen this in Whole Foods!

  5. *falls over* I'm going to have to check around and see if any Ultas near me are selling that 2B. O_O

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    2. Hi Lizzy,

      We are only available in 29 Ulta stores right now but you can also find us online at!

  6. I'll have to look for these at my next trip to Ulta!

  7. Great displays, so many pretties :-D

  8. The Whim bottles remind me of Formula X, which makes me wonder if this is intended to be Ulta's answer to Formula X, more or less. The prices are similar and there's a pretty large color range, also like Formula X.

  9. Hi Karen,

    We are only in 29 Ulta stores right now but we are also available online at
    We can't wait to see your review and your nail polish swatches!
    2B Colours


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