Friday, March 13, 2015

My First SquareHue Polishes

I have resisted the lure of subscription boxes of polish to this point, figuring I have absolutely no problem finding time to choose my own polish, yet I am not so strong that I could turn down an offer to try SquareHue when someone wanted to send me a thank you for tracking down some polishes for her. I thought we we talking about her sending one bottle, so was very surprised when the package arrived and she'd very generously sent three colors. Having now tried them on my winter ravaged shorties, I think I may be in trouble, because I really, really liked them. The bottles are nice: square, sturdy, and stable, with caps that allow one to see the polish color from the top. That's all good for storage in my Helmers but wouldn't matter if the polish inside were crap. It's not.

I tried War Crinoline first. It's a dusty green creme that covered in one coat. One coat. Legitimately. I wasn't expecting that, so it's not like I was super careful in my application to make one coat work. It just did.

I couldn't resist doing some dots on top of War Crinoline with Ka'ahumanu, a turquoise creme. I liked the visual tension between the greyed green and the clear blue.

Matte topcoat gave the combination a slightly different look.

Fifth Avenue, a classic red creme, rounded out the trio. This was also a one-coater (though two would have been better to disguise the ridges on my non-basecoated ring finger).

Since my dotting tool was handy, I plopped some War Crinoline onto Fifth Avenue in a sort of gradient pattern, with more/overlapping dots at my tips. Again, the greyed vs. bright contrast pleased me.

I was really impressed with the pigmentation and formula of these. Add that to the pleasing bottles, and I've been seriously pondering whether SquareHue will be my first polish subscription. Jennifer (you know who you are), thank you—I think—for introducing me to this brand!


  1. Hi dear Karen! Very pretty this grey sage green! I'm not convinced by the first mani, but the second combo red vs green is astonishing, well done! What a pigmentation!

  2. I haven't heard of this brand yet but one coaters, awesome!! I really like the dotted manicures you did, I love the contrast between the colours too :)

  3. Nice colours and great dotting :-)


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