Thursday, March 19, 2015

Zoya Delight Swatches and Nail Art

Sample provided for review

It's not officially spring yet, so I feel like I'm ahead of schedule today in sharing the Zoya Delight collection for Spring 2015. There are six shades here, three cremes and three shimmers in Easter candy colors: Eden, Tiana, Lillian, Rayne, Leslie, and Daisy.

It seemed natural to pair the blues for swatching purposes. I did two coats of Lillian, a pastel blue creme, on my index finger, and two coats of Rayne, a sky blue shimmer, on my other fingers.

I matched up Tiana, a pastel green creme, with Daisy, a yellow shimmer. These were two coats each as well.

This pairing made more sense in low direct light, when the green in the shimmer of Daisy popped more (actually I think the shimmer might be blue but it looks green against the yellow base color).

The last couple are Eden, a medium rose pink creme, and Leslie, a pastel warm lilac shimmer. Same as their collection mates, these were two coaters.

Leslie showed more blue in her shimmer in low direct light; I wonder if all three of these shimmers have the same magic powder in them and it just blends with the base of Rayne more than the other two.

I used five of the six colors in a floral nail art look that could kindly be called "primitive". I started with Lillian as my base color, then did freehand waves of Tiana at my tips before makng "flowers" with Daisy centers and Eden and Leslie petals on alternating nails. I finished with matte topcoat hoping that would make it look more artistic somehow.

Of course Leslie is my favorite here, being purple, and the blue in the shimmer makes it more interesting than if it were all the more expected silver. As a group, these are surely perfect for spring, and they do work well together.

EDITED to add that these colors are available now in mini sizes; you can get 5 for $20 with code MINI5. See for more information.

The polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider, and I get to keep the polishes for my own use.


  1. Love the fun nail art!! Perfect for spring!

  2. I love them - it's just too bad that Zoya dries so slowly on me...
    I love your spring flower mani!

  3. Hi dear Karen, the nail polishes I prefer are the shimmery turquoise at the beginning and the shimmery pale yellow, very nice =)

  4. I love the colours and the flower mani you did, I'm really in the mood for spring pastels now!

  5. This is cute. I love all the happy Easter egg pastels. Right now Zoya has the set of 5 minis on a deal where you pay $20 and get free shipping. Use code mini5 at I need these!

  6. I got Tiana and Lillian yesterday, but this collection is entirely super cute and pretty!

  7. OMG I love Zoya so much. *falls over*

  8. Lillian and Daisy are my favorites! And so Lesly in undirect light.
    It's magical how Zoya can make new and beautiful in classic shimmer polishes!

  9. Pretty nail art. Those shimmers look amazing :-)


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