Thursday, June 4, 2015

Alessandro Sunday Rose Collection

Product provided for review

Today marks the end of an era, in that I have the last set of review samples making a stop at my house before heading on to Lucy's Stash. Changes in both of our lives led to it making sense for us wind up this arrangement (including I won't be sitting at my desk most every weekday, ready to receive packages). The Alessandro Sunday Rose collection gets this honor; it's a group of five slightly dusty base colors paired with a somewhat subdued gold glitter. Left to right: Happy Coral, Apricot Touch, Tender Rose, Pastel Mint, Sunday Blues, Euphoria Top Coat.

As is my wont, I reached for one of the cool colors, first. Pastel Mint is just what it says, a pastel green. On me, it pulled toward blue-green; I've seen swatches around that look much more green. This is a tricky one; the photos also look more blue on one of my monitors and more green on the other; regardless, it's a pretty and flattering color for my skintone. This has a subtle white/silver shimmer to it that's only visible up close in most lighting conditions. I needed only two coats for my swatch, which I thought was great for a light color like this.

Since it's hard for me to leave well enough alone, a did a dotticure on Pastel Mint with Sunday Rose and Apricot Touch, mattifying it for good measure.

Continuing in the cool color vein, I tried Sunday Blues next. This cornflower blue creme was nearly a one coater, though I used two for my swatch. I topped an accent nail with one coat of Euphoria, adding clear topcoat for shine more than smoothness, as Euphoria laid pretty flat on the nail. Euphoria is pretty dense for a glitter topper; it's got an abudance of tiny gold holo glitter, small and medium gold hexes, and transluscent coppery shards that needed a bit of coaxing to leave the bottle.

Low light photo to show off the holo in the glitter:

I wore the three warm colors together. On my index finger, I freehanded diagonal stripes. My middle finger has two coats of Tender Rose, a pastel pink creme. On my ring finger, two of Happy Coral, a light red orange creme. Rounding out the set, my pinky has two coats of Apricot Touch, a light warm orange creme.

You probably already guessed that I also had to add glitter to this look. Despite gold not really being my thing, I found Euphoria quite interesting.

Here's the warm color mani with Euphoria added to the non-striped digits:

Even though it was clearly labeled as a top coat, Euphoria was so dense with glitter that I had to try it on its own, which I did on one nail, doing a gradient over Pastel Mint on the other fingers (all digits got clear topcoat, too). At three coats, there was just the barest hint of visible nail line with Euphoria.

I liked the mint and gold combination even more when I added matte top coat, which gave it that sea glass effect.

This is nice collection. The topper works with all of the other colors, and the formula was good across the board. I haven't seen these in any store, but they are available on the Alessandro USA website for $6 per 5 ml bottle (three of the shades are also available in the Striplac peel off LED cured formula for $18 an 8 ml bottle). You can follow the brand on Facebook at AlessandroInternationalUSA, on Instagram at @alessandrousa, and on Twitter at @AlessandroIntUS.

The polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider.


  1. Nice collection! Love the blue-brown-pink dotticure. ^_^ Very cute.

  2. Lovely colors! I think Pastel Mint is my favorite but to be honest, I wouldn't mind getting my hands on all of them :)

  3. Hi dear Karen! How many colours! The last manicure is very pretty ! =)
    Have a relaxing evening,

  4. Really nice colours and pretty glitter :-)

  5. You will continue to review polishes, though, right? I really enjoy your swatches and reviews!

    1. karynkirke, oh, absolutely I'll still be reviewing polishes; the only thing that's going away is the opportunity to play with Lucy's press samples before forwarding them to her, and that's only ever been a very small part of what I do around here. I suppose I could stop being so lazy and work harder on getting my own press samples now. :)

  6. I like the ways you combined them, they work well together!


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