Monday, June 22, 2015

Recent NOTDs: Grey and More Grey Plus Glitter

I've had more time in recent weeks to change my polish during the week, which means the nails of the day photos are really piling up on my hard drive. I've got two more looks today, both with a grey plus glitter theme.

My first grey NOTD had accents of blue, green, and white glitter.

This look started with a base of Duri Rejuvacote followed by Butter London Nail Foundation. Three coats of Contrary Polish Be Merry, which I recently picked up from a blog sale, went on next. It's a grey jelly with green, pinkish red, and silver holo microglitter.

My accent nails got Nicole by OPI Seriously Citrus added to them. This is a glitter topper inspired by Sprite from the NOPI Coke collection. It's a mix of sizes of white, blue, and various green glitters in a clear base.

Diamond Dry topcoat finished off the look. I got a tiny bit of tip shrinkage on some nails; I guess maybe DD didn't entirely agree with the Contrary. Despite that, I was happy with this mani.

My second grey look started with the same Rejuvacote/Nail Foundation base, which I then followed with two coats (maybe could have done one) of Hot Ticket Don't Metal in my Business, a charcoal grey shimmer. Then all nails got one coat of Essence Nail Art Twins in Julia before the Diamond Dry topcoat went on. Then, I did that thing where you think a mani is dry so you start using your hands normally again, only to find it wasn't quite dry so you manage to wrinkle the layers by brushing your hand against something. I decided the glitter would provide sufficient distraction from the wrinkles and let them be.

The star of this look is Julia, which has the intensely colorful silver holo glitter in squares and hexes in a clear base. I bought this bottle from a blog sale even though I already had one I'd swapped to get years ago; it's just so pretty.

Counting these two manis, I've done three with Butter London Nail Foundation that all chipped within a couple days, which is way earlier than I generally get chips when I use Instant Artificials for my base over treatment. Since this happened with three different brands of polish and all other elements were ones I know work for me, I think I need to conclude that Nail Foundation and my body chemistry don't get along. I can still use it for swatching, though that seems like quite an uneconomical use of such an expensive product. Ah well, if I doesn't work for me, it doesn't work.


  1. Oh I love them both! I don't know how I missed that Nicole by OPI collection.

  2. Nice glitters. I do like the first grey a lot :-D

  3. Both look really good on you, and I'm smitten by the shimmers in Be Merry!

  4. Contrary Polish Be Merry is such an interesting color. :) Great glitter combos!

  5. I love both of these, I'm not the biggest grey fan but I love how you made them fun with the glitter. I especially love the second one. The square glitter makes me happy! xx

  6. Hey dear Karen, i'm not a gray person XD BUT this gray combined with this glitters....It's very interesting!

  7. I've had the best luck with Nail Foundation with Butter London's own polishes... but nothing except light-cured gel lasts more than 72 hours on me. And it comes in such a big bottle I don't know how I'm going to use it all...


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