Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Recent NOTD, Fakes Edition

The quick strip nails of the day looks I shared yesterday were interspersed with a couple of even quicker fake nail ones. (They're quicker because there's no smoothing needd or filing off of the excess strip material.) Since I'd liked wearing the Ministry of Beauty Ultra-Reflect artificials before, I turned to that brand again.

First I tried a set from the Dramatica collection; the box said they were "short & very glamourous" (The only other time I've seen MOB Dramatica nails in a retail store, they were all long and some were pointy; see this display post from 2013.) This particular design had a mix of motifs rendered in dusty peach and black with gold, pearl, and iridescent microglitter accents.I had the same issue with these as the earlier set, in that the base curve of the nails didn't match my own, which left crescent shaped gaps, and since these were shorter than the others, I also had to place some less close to the base in order to cover my natural tips. it was a little frustrating that I couldn't mix up the motifs the way I would if I were painting this mani, as I had to put nails where they were a reasonable fit. My left hand had two dots and two glittery half moons with a metal and pearl charm accent.

I failed to notice that there weren't more just dotted nails in the right sizes, so my right hand has four glittery half moons with a pearl and stone accent. I wish I'd planned ahead better.

I wore these for a full work week. When I took them off, they were mostly in pretty good shape; the charms had stayed on tight (and I didn't really notice them catching on my clothes or hair as much as I'd feared, either). Some nails did have some scratches where the peach part had scraped off to reveal the transluscent plastic beneath.

The other set I wore was from the Ultra-Reflect line, this time a pearly white with a multi-pastel multichrome effect. I had the same fit issues at the base, but these were longer so that helped with the tips. I think in some cases I picked a size too large for the best fit, but the finish was so shiny and distracting it wasn't that obvious if I wasn't looked specifically for that. Inside they glowed mostly golden and pink.

Outside they sometimes looked blue; maybe they were reflecting the sky.

Still looking good in my bathroom after three days wear:

As with the other Ultra-Reflect nails, these white ones got a lot of attention and compliments. I'm sorry to say the whole display has disappeared from Meijer; seems like they didn't really give people much of a chance to try them before they marked them down and move to the clearance shelves.


  1. OMG Karen those second ones look amazing :-D Loving them :-D

  2. The Pearly ones are just unbelievable! I've never seen something like those before! I'm speechless *___*

  3. The first set is cute - but omg the second one....!!!!

  4. The second one looks amazing! Love them :D

  5. Love both of them! Looks great! Regards, Natasha


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