Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wheel N8: Patriotic Glitters

Since the red, white, and blue glitter toppers are starting to appear in stores for the summer holiday season here in the U.S., I thought this Nail Wheel Wednesday was a fine time to show off the ones I have in my stash. (Or most of them, anyway; I've picked up at least two more since I painted this wheel.) In a departure from my usual approach to glitter wheels, I used a base color for this time, my go to dark blue, Orly La Playa.

(all have clear topcoat in addition to glitter coats noted below)

1. Hard Candy Fireworks (2 coats)
2. Pure Ice Freedom (2)
3. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Beach Ball (3)
4. Sally Hansen Color Frenzy Red White & Hue (3)
5. FingerPaints Red White & Hue (3)
6. Hard Candy Soda Pop (2)
7. Sephora Formula X Liberty (3)
8. Oopsie Daisies 1776 (3)
9. Oopsie Daisies 1776 Remix (2)
10. Salon Perfect Save Me a Spot (3)
11. Salon Perfect Speck-tacular (2)
12. Funky Fingers Fireworks (3)
13. Salon Perfect Grand Finale (2)
14. Salon Perfect Starred & Striped (2)
15. Salon Perfect Star Spangled (2)
16. Island Girl Waikiki Surf (2)
17. Fergie 4th of July Parade (3)
18. LA Girls Glitter Addict Celebrate (3)
19. LA Color Color Craze Confetti (3)
20. LA Colors Flash Pop Fireworks (2) [the creme half of this is hot pink]

Bottles 1 and 2:

3 through 7:

8 through 11:

12 through 16:

17 through 20:

Destash notes: Only one of 4 through 7 needs to stay; it'll be either the Color Frenzy or the Formula X based on the bottle, and I'm guessing the Formula X will sell better in that mythical blog sale I'm having one day. 15 and 16 are very similar, so I could perhaps give up 15 if pressed. 18 and 20 are also too close to keep both; 20 goes because those double ended thingies are not my favorite. In the bottles, I thought 19 was going to be a lot closer to 18 and 20, but seeing them side by side on the tips, 19 is unique enough to stay.

Despite being faced with the ridiculousness of this bounty, I'd still buy Salon Perfect Boom Boom Boom if I saw it. That's the one I missed from that collection.


  1. Oh wow that is an awesome collection! I feel the need to hoard all of the red white and blue glitters. I am going to have to hunt for the Salon Perfect ones.

  2. Wow, I had no idea there were so many red white and blue glitters out there!

  3. WOW, you sure do have a lot of glitters in that color frame - pretty and fun to look at!

  4. 4-7 look almost similar, my pick is nr 18 and I had SH's Red, White and Hue.

  5. Lol I actually swatched a very patriotic glitter yesterday! It was Shimmer Polish Nichole ;) I like 4 to 7 a lot!

  6. hehehe I love all the ones with stars! ^_^ Also going to have to keep my eyes open for SP Save Me A Spot.

  7. Loving these glitters. I've got a few of them :-)

  8. love 3, 5 and 11... you named them well :D

  9. I am obsessed with red-white-and-blue glitters. I have almost 20 of them myself and am always on the lookout for more. I didn't get the Salon Perfect ones last year, but I am slowly collecting this year's set. Funky Fingers has 2 more out as well ('Murica and Bottle Rockets) and they are great.


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