Friday, June 5, 2015

Matte Topcoat Comparisons, Part 12

When I did Part 11 of my sporadic matte topcoat comparison series last month, I promised Part 12 was coming, and here it is. I've added four more brands to my stable: JINsoon, Morgan Taylor, Girly Bits, and Colour Prevails.

Left to right on the nail below, over Wet 'n' Wild Black Creme: JINsoon Matte Maker, Morgan Taylor Mattes a Wrap (missing apostrophe is not my doing), Girly Bits Polish Matte'rs, and Colour Prevails Matte Clear.

The Girly Bits applied the smoothest, with Morgan Taylor not far behind. They were all pretty matte, no satins in the bunch, with Colour Prevails having a slight edge in the "most matte" race. However, the Colour Prevails also formed a crack which was obviously not ideal. This was my first time using that oddly shaped cap that the Colour Prevails line has. I found it just okay, a little awkward because it's not symmetrical like I'm used to caps being, but I'm not the target audience for it since I don't generally struggle with application. The winged cap can be pulled off to reveal a stubby regular cap if you like.

I pulled my two favorites from this batch, Girly Bits and Colour Prevails to face off against my two favorites from the series, OPI and Wet 'n' Wild.

Over the same black base below, same order as bottles above:

The Colour Prevails (second from right) didn't crack this time, but it didn't settle perfectly smoothly, either. The Girly Bits (far left) aquitted itself quite nicely against the two champions, being just as smooth and matte.

Based on this latest swatching experience, I can recommend both the Girly Bits and Morgan Taylor mattes. The JINsoon is fine, but the only reason to pay that much ($18) is if you only have that brand in your stash and want all your bottles to match. The Colour Prevails is very matte, but seems to have a few quirks, and quirks are no good in a topcoat. Maybe it works brilliantly over other Colour Prevails, but I want more versatility than that.

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  1. You have so many matte toppers! :-O ;-)

  2. I just love these comparisons. Thanks for doing them :)
    (and I'll stick with my OPI... haven't seen anything that beats that finish AND is available to me ;)

  3. Thank you for keeping up with the available matte topcoats. And for putting the newer ones up against the better past ones!

  4. hehehe I was so worried that matte topcoats were going to disappear like everything else. Makes me happy every time you find new ones.

  5. WOOT!! I have a horse in the race! hehe
    Have you tried them over the neons? omg I LOVE them over neons.

  6. This is awesome! I've been trying to find a good matte top coat to use and this has definitely been helpful. Have you heard of Cirque's matte top coat and KBShimmer oh matte? I would love to know how they measure up!

  7. This is awesome!!!! Been looking for a good matte top coat for a while! Have you heard of Cirque matte and KBShimmer oh matte? Would love to see how they measure up with the top favs!


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