Monday, October 12, 2015

Funky Fingers Halloween 2015

Just when I was starting to get back into some sort of blogging rhytmn, I threw myself off again by taking a long weekend trip to Madison to support my friend Jen at the launch of her second book, Future Perfect, a young adult novel that addresses body image and self-acceptance. (Which I will be reading even though I am an old adult.) I was so busy having fun that I didn't even do my nails all weekend. They're still bare but for treatment this morning. Before that, though, I did get a little swatching done, so do have content now that I'm back home.

I've written before about the randomness of the nail polish sections at Five Below, where often there's no signage for collections or there is but it doesn't necessarily match up with the polishes displayed with it. This means I have no idea if the two new Funky Fingers glow in the dark glitters that showed up recently are a collection unto themselves or if there will be more coming later. I figured I'd just go ahead and swatch them. If more show up, I'll deal with it then.

First up is Gourdgeous, a pale orange with orange and neon yellow glitter in various sizes.

This one is quite sheer; at three coats the base color barely tinted my nails. It also required dabbing to get the bigger glitters out of the bottle.

Charged up under normal room light, it glows yellow when when those lights get turned off, with dark spots where the orange glitter is (the yellow glitter doesn't contrast with the yellow glow so seems to disappear in the dark).

The other new glow in the dark polish from Funky Fingers this season is R U Afraid of the Dark, which has a blue grey base with black and neon lime green glitter in a mix of sizes.

This one was also sheer, but not nearly as much as Gourdgeous. Three coats left me with a hint of visible nail line rather than a very obvious one. Dabbing was again necessary to coax the bigger glitters out. Once out, the glitter does lay pretty flat on the nail; I didn't use topcoat for this or the previous swatch.

This one gives a more speckled appearance in the dark because both colors of glitter show up against the glow, which is the same yellow as Gourdgeous glows.

I also tried these as toppers, using two of the fall Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure creme shades as bases. Yummy Yam is a butterscotch color, while Spring Moss is a greyed teal. Both covered in two coats.

I added two coats of the Funky Fingers, Gourdgeous on Yummy Yam and R U Afraid of the Dark on Spring Moss.

These did still glow layered like this, with one fewer coat than when I wore them alone. I just failed to get any decent photos.

When it comes time to destash, Gourdgeous is going; the color is not so flattering to me and I wouldn't wear it alone, unlike R U Afraid of the Dark, which I like both alone and layered. They're both fun to look at and have equally strong glow in the dark effects.


  1. Oh those are awesome!! I doubt I will be able to get over to Five Below before Christmas time but if I do I know what to look for now lol I love that Gourdgeous over that SH color. I am going to have to look for that color. Looks just like butterscotch.

  2. Cool, I really like polishes that can "do" something! :)


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