Monday, October 19, 2015

Recent NOTD: Ministry of Beauty Ultra-Reflect Nails, Take Three

When I came back from vacation last month with those two broken nails (as documented in this post), I filed down the others into shorties, which meant it was a perfect time to dip into my stash of shorter fake nails. I turned for the third time to Ministry of Beauty Ultra-Reflect nails, which I stocked up on back when they were sold at Meijer stores. I wore the olive multichrome and white iridescent earlier this year and didn't want to repeat, so chose the lavender iridescent this time.

Because my own nails were shorter this time, I was able to snug the base of the fakes closer to my cuticles, which minimized the gaps from the squarer shape of the base on the fakes.

The above two pictures were shot in regular room light next to a window. After a day's wear, I got out my lightbox and took the two shots below.

I got so many comments and compliments on these; they're very eye catching. I like the adhesive tabs that come with them because they're very thin, but they aren't quite as sticky as I'd like; I had to reattach a few nails during the week I wore them (to be fair to the tabs, the nails that came loose are the ones I most like to use to pry and scrape at things, which I know I should not do but I need to have some bad habits to keep me from being too perfect, right?). The iridescent finish is a thin coating that will start to come off if you use your nails hard or scrape your nail against something sharp. Below see my right thumbnail after four or five days during which I packed many boxes of stuff in the I hope ending soon quest to get our house ready to list for sale.

To wrap up, here's a shot I took at Home Depot, where we went to look for new carpet for some of our rooms, again with an eye toward getting the house ready to sell.

It appears that ebay is the best place to get these now that they've disappeared from Meijer. I wish I could tell you more than that, but the Ministry of Beauty Twitter feed hasn't been updated since 2013 and their website I'm not even going to link because trying to go there makes my antivirus software pop up an alert. The back of the package says the nails were made in Korea, so that's a lead I intend to follow up more on at some point. So far, that just lead me to a shopping site which offered various beauty products, including a whole category called "Hairs".


  1. I really love how these look. I've seen a few nails around on Pinterest but I have no idea if they were falsies, I would really love to have my nails like this but I'm too afraid to were them! It really is such a beautiful effect and colour and looks so natural on your nails xx


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