Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Zoya Fall 2015 Focus and Flair

Sample provided for review

With all the travel and other busy-ness I've been up to, getting a twelve-polish release swatched and posted has been a challenge. I had the Zoya fall colors delivered to my place in Idaho, swatched them there, wasn't happy with the results, wore two of the colors in my HPB Presents Autumn mani, wore two more of the colors in a later mani, did a little more swatching yesterday, wasn't happy with that either, but decided today is the day to get these up regardless.

Focus is the creme half of Zoya's fall offering this year: Lidia (purple), Sia (blue), Desiree (brown), Charlie (greenish grey), Janel (red), and Hannah (red). Flair are the shimmers: Giada (purple), Estelle (blue), Cinnamon (brown), Tris (greenish grey), Aggie (greenish gold), and Ember (red orange).

These collections match up so nicely with each other, except for the extra red. A creme to coordinate with the greenish gold Aggie would have been more interesting than another red creme in the world, but I get it—red cremes are popular. And the two here are at least different enough from each other that if one doesn't flatter your skintone the other probably will. Top to bottom below: Hannah, Janel, Hannah, Janel. Both were two coats, nicely pigmented.

On the Zoya website, they say Janel is a warm red and Hannah is a classic neutral red, but I found the opposite. On me, Hannah pulls toward orange while Janel is more neutral-toned. They both look good with dots of Aggie, the green-leaning gold shimmer from Flair.

Janel is more flattering to me, so that's why I chose it to accompany the brown shimmer Cinnamon in my September blog link-up mani.

I picked shimmery Tris and creamy Charli for my nails of a few days last week. Looking at the bottles, I thought Charli was taupe and Tris was grey, but on my nails, both pulled decidedly greenish in most lighting situations. Not a bad thing, just not quite what I expected. I used two coats of each (maybe should have done three of Tris) and topped with Diamond Dry. I thought these looked good together, and wore them for five days with minimal tipwear.

The other cremes and shimmers pair well, too. Top to bottom: Ember with Hannah tips, Giada with Lidia, Estelle with Sia, and Cinnamon with Desiree. Since the tips covered any hints of visible nail line, I used only one coat of the shimmers except for Estelle, which got two because it seemed a touch more sheer than the others.

Aggie is the odd polish out in this collection. This greenish gold has a hint of duochrome shift to it. It's similar to a lot of the other green/gold shifty shimmers that have been out in recent years. I used two coats for my swatch.

I'm also wearing Giada for this week's pedi, so I've gotten quite a lot of use out of these colors already. Tris is my favorite.

The polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider, and I get to keep the polishes for my own use.


  1. Tris is the one I haven't tried yet. I bought all of the shimmers and Desiree. I am LOVING them all. I thought Tris was just an ordinary grey but now I am super excited to wear it if it is green leaning.

  2. pretty colors! I have never tried ZOYA before :(

  3. *twitches* I wish I could own all the Zoyas. Still hanging on to a few I haven't worn yet. Definitely think Aggie will be up soon.

  4. I will definitely buy some of them in november! They look awesome!
    Kisses :)


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