Thursday, October 15, 2015

Glitters from Native War Paints

When I shared the Native War Paints Holographics the other week, I mentioned I'd gotten more from the brand I'd share later. Later is now. Today I have two glitters, starting with Wise Cracking Waitress, a purple jelly filled with black, blue, and purple glitter with a scattering of silver holo microglitter. I layered one coat of it over the purple holo, Ribbons and Bows, then added clear topcoat. This one could have been made for me especially, combining so many things I like: purple, jelly, glitter. The black glitter adds more interest without standing out too much like black glitter can do sometimes. I've layered it, but it could be worn on its own.

The second glitter, Small and Han-some, has a holo base packed with small and micro glitter in mostly blue and copper.

It's not necessarily meant to be a layering polish, but I did not let that stop me from putting two coats of it plus clear topcoat over a red shimmer base, Nicole by OPI Always a Classic Coca Cola. Here's the red on its own:

And the combination; so warm and pretty and perfect for autumn—

Look at the holo popping in direct low light:

Both of these glitters are still available direct from Native War Paints. There are a lot of newer polishes, too, many of which I want but am restraining myself from buying because now that I have all my Helmers and overflow in one place I see how truly enormous my stash is. I haven't gone on a no buy because that no work for me, but I have slowed way down in the acquisitions area.

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  1. Normally I'm not into big glitters, but this time I actually prefer the first one ;)


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