Tuesday, January 17, 2017

LA Colors Nail Duets, Part 1

I spent my blogging time over the last couple days trying to figure out why my image hosting site went down, so I'm going to split the LA Colors Nail Duet swatches I did into two posts. (These are the duos I found at Dollar Tree last last year.) Today I have the sets which lean more neutral, classic colors. Left to right: Yin & Yang, Peace & Quiet, PB & J. The individual polishes aren't named, so I'm not sure which half of the set name goes with the base color and which with the glitter. The cards the sets are displayed on tout their "fabulous color harmony" on the front and "polish paired with an accent glitter for a high impact manicure" on the back.

The wide cap pulls off to reveal two mini bottles, 4.2 ml each. They have short round tops, so aren't the easiest to polish with, but they're okay.

PB & J pairs a light tan creme with a warm gold glitter topper with various sizes of hexes. I used three coats of the creme though probably could have stopped at two. The glitter has a thick base, which is good for keeping the glitter suspended but not as good for painting. I ended up using more of a dabbing motion, putting one coat on my middle finger and working up to three on my pinky.

Yin & Yang has a black creme base and a gold glitter topper. Unlike the topper in PB & J, this one mixes gold hexes in different sizes with holo hexes and a few holo squares. I used two coats of the black (one might have been sufficient) and did the same dabbing application of one to three coats middle to pinky as for PB & J. The contrast between base and glitter and the holo make this combo more dramatic than the first one.

My favorite of these three was Peace & Quiet, which has a pale blue green creme teamed with a blingy silver holo glitter topper. The topper has hex, square, and diamond shaped glitter, which ups the visual interest even though there's not much contrast between base and glitter. I used three coats of the base and continued my one to three coat glitter dabbing approach.

If I'd paid a lot for these, I'd be annoyed at having to dab on the glitter, but since I paid just one dollar for each duo and like the look when I'm done, I'm good with it.

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