Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Sally Hansen Color Therapy

When Rite Aid was having a 40% off sale on Sally Hansen, I picked up two shades from the new Color Therapy line to try. The first was Sticks and Stones, a deep purple shimmer. I found it easy to apply with the fat flat brush (similar to Insta Dri and Complete Salon Manicure brushes), and two coats was plenty for full coverage.

I like the look of Sticks and Stones, yet couldn't help wishing the shimmer showed up more on the nail. In the bottle, the shimmer shows a bit of a shift from purple to gold, but the gold doesn't show up very much at all on the nail. I tried the usual ways to coax it out—direct light, shooting pics at a variety of angles, adding topcoat, putting over a black base—but had no luck. The shimmer does have some variablity in color on the nail; it's just hard to see, and I wish it were easier.

For the sake of comparison, here it is with topcoat added:

Before I took off Sticks and Stones, I added dots of the second shade I bought, Therapewter.

Therapewter is a warm-toned medium silver metallic shimmer. There's a hint of gold in here, but just a hint; it's not so gold that I, a noted non-fan of gold, was turned off. I used two coats, but think three might have been better as there is the slightest hint of visible nail line left with two.

Overall, I'm happy with these two. I obviously didn't wear them long enough to get a sense for whether the "therapy" part of the name is a true benefit, but they applied nicely and look good, which is mostly what I look for in nail polish. I get my therapy from treatment base coats and cuticle oils and balms. I'll be curious to see if this line boots something else out of the permanent display one it moves over. I did notice some shades of Complete Salon Manicure on clearance at Fred Meyer, but not all of them, so not sure what's going to happen.

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