Monday, January 9, 2017

Wet 'n' Wild Sequins & Stardust

Today I have all four colors from Wet 'n' Wild's Sequins & Stardust collection. Yes, this was for Holiday 2016, and yes, for maximum timeliness I should have swatched them a month ago, but you know, holidays get busy (even when one is retired, I'm somewhat surprised to say though you'd think I'd be used to it by now). The good news is I saw some of these displays still hanging around stores on Friday when I went down to the city, so if you like one of these, you may still be able to grab it.

Left to right: R-U-Free-2 Dance, I Dream of Jean Genie, Ninja Lovelace, and Studio Glitter & Gold.

Studio Glitter & Gold was up first. This is a gold shimmer with gold micro-flakies. I used three coats, no topcoat for this swatch. It's not a good shade for me, but it applied well and has a nice subtle sparkle to it; I think it would great on someone with a yellower and/or darker skintone than mine.

I Dream of Jean Genie came next. This is a dusty denim blue with scattered gold microglitter, and it's gorgeous. I did two coats for my swatch, and it was fairly shiny even without topcoat.

Since Studio Glitter & Gold was a three-coater, I was curious to see if it would work as a layering polish. I already knew from looking at the bottle that R-U-Free-2 Dance was a shimmer topper (it's got purple to blue shifty microglitter in a transluscent base), so I added each to I Dream of Jean Genie. My index finger got one coat of Dance (I am not typing those hyphens anymore) over I Dream of Jean Genie, and my middle finger got two. You can see a bit of the purple/blue shift here. My ring finger and pinky got one coat of Studio Glitter & Gold over the blue. I think it's a touch too opaque to be a great layering polish, but putting it over the cool base does make the gold more wearable for me.

Ninja Lovelace is a deep brown with fine gold shimmer. Two coats, and like Jean Genie, it was pretty shiny without topcoat. Also like Jean Genie, I thought it was gorgeous.

You know I layered over Ninja Lovelace. Top to bottom, Ninja plus: 1 coat of Dance, 2 coats of Dance, 1 coat of Studio Glitter & Gold plus 1 coat of Dance, 1 coat of Studio Glitter & Gold. I was entranced by the ring finger; that three color combination really looked good to me, with the blue microglitter floating on top of the gold and the dark base toning down the gold so it didn't look weird against my skintone.

Before I put these away, I wanted to see Dance over other colors. Top to bottom: Wet 'n' Wild Megalast Break the Ice (white shimmer) plus 1 coat of Dance, Wet 'n' Wild Megalast Cherry Blossom on Top (hot pink creme) plus 1 coat of Dance, Wet 'n' Wild Wild Shine Black Creme plus 1 coat of Dance, black plus 3 coats of Dance. Dance adds a nice boost of shimmer to the lighter bases, but the shimmer and shift really pop over black.

I'm really happy I picked up this collection. I like that it's only four colors, so I could get them all (especially since they're $1.99 each). I like that there are layering possibilities. Sure, the gold is not to my taste, but it's not a bad polish, just not good on me. The two darker shimmers are beautiful, at least as interesting as a lot of ones coming out from more expensive brands. So yay to Wet 'n' Wild!


  1. I bought three of these (didn't buy Dance), I have to say I was surprised how fabulous I Dream of Jean Genie is. I wore it four days before I got bored and changed it. No chips, just a little tip wear. They need to keep these kinds of polishes coming!

  2. I like them, they definitely look like something I'd pick up too :)

  3. Small collections are the best! <3 And these are so pretty. I'm going to have to see if I can track down R-U-Free-2 Dance.


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