Friday, January 20, 2017

LA Colors Nail Duets, Part 2

Today I have the last three LA Colors Nail Duets (well, the last three I have; there were six combinations in the only display I ever saw, but I have seen a couple other duets online, which I'm going to pretend I don't know about because although I've gotten much better, I still like having complete collections). Compared to part one, the colors in this half are overall more vibrant. Left to right: Fire & Ice, Love & Hate, Give & Take.

Fire & Ice has a red creme paired with a white and iridescent glitter topper. The glitter half of this duet has hexes in a range of sizes. I used two coats of the creme and dabbed one coat of the glitter on my middle finger, building to three coats on my pinky. The iridescent glitters often looked gold depending on how they were catching the light, but they also showed other colors.

Love & Hate features a white creme with a glitter topper full of very small hexes in candy colors: red, pink, peach, blue, light lime. I did three coats of the white (could have done two if I were putting glitter on all my nails) and the one to three coats of glitter on middle to pinky fingers.

Give & Take has a hot pink creme, a two-coater, accompanied by a glitter topper that is dominated by various sizes and shades of blue glitter slong with some accents of gold, lilac, silver, and white, including small white bar glitter.

My favorite of this half is Love & Hate; it makes me happy to see all those colors together.

My overall favorite for the sextext is still Peace & Quiet, the light teal/silver holo combo from part one. It's far left in the glitter shot below, lower right in the duet group photo.

These are cute and fun and for the one dollar per duet price, I'm willing to do some glitter dabbing.

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