Tuesday, January 31, 2017

SinfulColors SWAK

I'm feeling pretty on top of things right now, because I've swatched the new shades in the SinfulColors Valentine's display, SWAK (Sinful with a Kiss), a full two weeks before the relevant holiday. This feeling will pass as soon as my gaze lands on one of the multitude of unpacked boxes around here, but I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts!

The four new colors in this display are Kissful Thinking (shade 2203), Break Dance Not Hearts (2201), Readie or Not (2202), and It's About Valen-time (2200). I decided to include the shade numbers because that's the main way I figure out which ones are new, look for the higher numbers that form a sequence.

Of course I went first for the glitter, Kissful Thinking. This has tiny white glitter and red lips shaped glitter in a very pale pink jelly base. I wanted to try it over a range of colors, so I did a white French tip on my index finger and put SinfulColors cremes on my remaining digits: Pink Smart on my middle, Feeling Great on my ring, and Gogo Girl on my pinky. I topped all my nails with two coats of Kissful Thinking, applying the lips glitter with a dotting tool once I'd fished it out of the base. A layer of clear topcoat finished it all off.

The other three new polishes are all metallic foils (basically a lot of silver shimmer packed in there), so I swatched them together, doing some somewhat wobbly heart nail art with them on my index finger over a white creme base. Middle finger is It's About Valen-time, a medium pink metallic. Ring is Readie or Not, a plum metallic. Pinky is Break Dance Not Hearts, a light purple metallic. All three of these have a great formula; two coats were plenty and they applied very smoothly.

I love these foils a lot; SinfulColors does tend to do really well with this finish, and these are no exception. The glitter takes a bit more fishing than I'd like to get the shaped glitters out, but I guess that could be a plus if one doesn't want red lips on one's nails for a particular mani.


Thank you for reading and commenting! I greatly appreciate knowing I'm not just talking to myself here. :)