Tuesday, March 26, 2019

OPI Metamorphosis Collection

I don't buy anywhere near as much OPI as I once did, but the entire Metamorphosis collection found its way into my collection because it combines two of my favorite things: glitter and layering. There are six shades: Butterfly Me to the Moon, You Little Shade Shifter, Metamorphically Speaking, This Changes Everything, Ecstatic Prismatic, and Can't Be Camouflaged.

When these were released last fall, they were packaged/displayed with a dark base coat (Lincoln Park After Dark) and a white one (Alpine Snow). I decided to to more of a tone on tone thing when I swatched them. There are two blue polishes in the collection; I paired them with OPI Dreams Need Clara-fication, a periwinkle-leaning light blue creme. I started with Butterfly Me to the Moon, adding one coat of it plus clear topcoat over the two coats of Dreams Need Clara-fication I laid down as a base. Butterfly Me has sky blue glitter and blue and pink shimmer.

The other blue in the collection is You Little Shade Shifter. In comparison to Butterfly Me, it has darker blue glitter and blue and purple shimmer rather than blue and pink. I did one coat plus clear topcoat over Dreams Need Clara-fication.

There are two golds in the collection as well. Those I matched with Sephora by OPI Neutral Beauty, a warm light tan creme. First up, Metamorphically Speaking, which has gold glitter and gold and pink shimmer. As with the blues, I did one coat of the glitter over the creme base and added clear topcoat.

This Changes Everything also has gold glitter and gold and blue shimmer. Again, one coat of glitter over the Neutral Beauty base plus clear topcoat.

To better show the differences between the two gold toppers, I put them over a black creme base. Leftmost two fingers are Metamorphically Speaking over black; rightmost two are This Changes Everything over black.

Another angle:

Closeup on Metaphorically Speaking:

Closeup on This Changes Everything:

Two greens round out the collection. I put them over OPI Envy the Adventure, a green creme. Ecstatic Prismatic is first; this has green glitter and green and pink shimmer.

Can't Be Camouflaged has green glitter and blue and gold shimmer.

I did also put the blues and greens over black to better compare them. Left to right, all over black: You Little Shade Shifter, Butterfly Me to the Moon, Ecstatic Prismatic, Can't Be Camouflaged.

From another angle:

These glitters are fun and versatile, but I don't think I needed all of them. One each of the blue, gold, and green would have been fine. My picks are: You Little Shade Shifter, This Changes Everything, and Ecstatic Prismatic.


  1. I gave the entire collection a good miss. Nothing there I can't live without.

    1. @Magda I get that. Not all polishes speak to me either.

  2. I bought this collection but I haven't used any of them yet. I think layering them over a matching colour is the best idea :)

    1. @Rainbowify Me Matching base color does give them a different look for sure ... love that they are versatile and look good over lots of things.


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