Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Wheel X11: Funky Fingers Solar Polishes

I haven't managed to sort through all my photos and get my IEC writeup done yet. I did manage to paint something new for Nail Wheel Wednesday; when I found I had exactly 20 Funky Fingers bottles in the solar/UV section of my shelves, it seemed like fate. I was a bit disappointed but not surprised that most of these no longer change in the sun. Some of the base colors have transformed, too.

In the sun:

1. Funky Fingers Lil Miss Sunshine (3 coats) [shimmer; darkened slightly in the sun, to ivory]
2. Funky Fingers Solar Flare (3) [shimmer]
3. Funky Fingers Hang Ten Brah (4) [shimmer; this would have been three coats if I hadn't brushed against it while it was wet]
4. Funky Fingers Pluto 4Ever (3)
5. Funky Fingers Burning Melon (3) [darkened slightly in sun]
6. Funky Fingers To Infinity and Beyond (2)
7. Funky Fingers Sunset (2)
8. Funky Fingers Cowabunga (2)
9. Funky Fingers Punkrock Pink (3) [shimmer]
10. Funky Fingers Aurora Borealis (3) [dried to satin finish]
11. Funky Fingers Comet Mebro (3)
12. Funky Fingers Free Spirit (3)
13. Funky Fingers Partly Cloudy (3)
14. Funky Fingers Space Cadet (3)
15. Funky Fingers Surf's Up (3) [changed to blue grey in the sun]
16. Funky Fingers Waverunner (2)
17. Funky Fingers Vibe With Me (3)
18. Funky Fingers Bling Dipper (3) [changed to purple base in sun; I like the rainbows from the glitter in this one]
19. Funky Fingers Gnarly Dude (3)
20. Funky Fingers Riptide (3) [changed to warm pink base in sun]

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 15:

16 through 20:

In below pictures, ones with smooth background are indoors in the lightbox (if there's a second one of a set of colors on the smooth background, that's pulled out of the lightbox for direct indoor light) and ones with the textured background are in the sun.

The tops of the caps show what the inside and outside colors were supposed to be (though those did sometimes vary from reality even when they were new, so hard to say from that which bases have changed with time).

I did swatch some of these when they were new and still changes (as much as they were going to; a few weren't that dramatic even then):

Funky Fingers Summer 2016 Solars (Burning Melon, Punkrock Pink, Vibe with Me, and Free Spirit)

Funky Fingers Summer 2015 Solar Polishes (Bling Dipper, Pluto 4Ever, To Infinity and Beyond, Comet Mebro, and Space Cadet)

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