Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wheel O: Holos

I have holo polishes for this episode of Nail Wheel Wednesday. Unfortunately what I don't have is any pictures of these in the sun, because there has been no sun between the time I finished painting this wheel and now. I admit that's been less than 24 hours, but still—what's the point of the time change if I don't get sun in the morning? Ah well, they're pretty anyway. I used two coats of all of these, no top coat.

Nail wheel

1. GOSH Holographic [the most holo-y holo I own]
2. OPI DS Coronation
3. OPI DS Shimmer
4. OPI DS Sapphire
5. OPI DS Glamour
6. OPI DS Original
7. OPI DS Signature
8. OPI DS Passion
9. OPI DS Vintage
10. OPI DS Classic
11. China Glaze Visit Me in Prism
12. China Glaze OMG
13. China Glaze 2Nite
14. China Glaze IDK
15. China Glaze LOL
16. Milani HD
17. Milani Hi-Tech
18. Milani Cyberspace
19. Milani Hi-Res
20. Milani Digital

Holos, like the glitters from last week, require bonus pictures:

Nail wheel

Nail wheel

Nail wheel

Nail wheel

Nail wheel


  1. So much so that all punctuation deserted me!

  2. Awesome, I am still looking for DS Shimmer and the OMG collection! Great collection, thanks for sharing :)

  3. this makes me want to cry like a baby that I cannot find the OMG collection. gorgeous-ness!

  4. i love holos, gosh really is the most holo in this bunch, the nfu.oh's are probably in the same holo-level

  5. I only have China Glaze OMG and I love it!
    I am desperately trying to get my hands on the GOSH one but it is nowhere to be found here!

  6. I looooove holo's! But I only have 1 :( So jealous at yours! <3

  7. The GOSH applied terribly on me. Dragged like anything. Maybe that was just me.
    Reminds me to wear Nubar Reclaim again soon.
    The OMG are great, aren't they?

  8. I'm so angry with myself for not buying backups of my OMG polishes.

    But thanks for the swatches!! I love the GOSH!
    It makes me want some Nfu-Oh holos.

  9. Damn... OPI DS Glamour looks so good...

  10. Wooow, SO jealous right now.
    You have so many holos!!!
    Number one is gorgeous!

  11. how can you possibly have sooo many polishes. im really jealous haha:)
    love all the colors

  12. What a fantastic wheel <3 I'm just looking for some holos, so sad OMG collection is not available anymore :-(

  13. Soooo jealous of your holo collection!!!

  14. which one is your favorite holo? I think mine is dspassion. I don't know why..I guess it's office appropriate and pretty ? haha. pretty is a very vague term. I own glamour but it doesn't exactly wow me.

  15. Wow! So shiny and pretty! I only have GOSH, it looks gorgeous, but peels off within a day for me, if I add a top coat it losses its shine. How are the rest? They are so pretty I'd like to get more holos :D

  16. Thanks, ladies!

    shortwidenails, it's so hard to pick a favorite; at the moment I'd say China Glaze IDK.

    Gemx, the ones I've worn for full manis (mostly the OPI DS & Milanis) have held up pretty well for several days with my usual base/top coat routine. I haven't tried the GOSH for a full mani yet though.


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