Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Barielle Style in Argyle

Another fall collection today, this one from Barielle. I posted the display when I saw it back in October but didn't buy any of the polishes because the colors just didn't grab me. But as often happens, a sale enticed me to try some of them later.

Left to right: Aura Angora, Tight Knit, Unraveled Rust, Wool You Marry Me?, Cashmere or Loose Me, Cowl of the Wild.

I got Cashmere or Loose Me because I liked the looks of it when Jenni posted it on nailpolishUK. It's a warm medium brown with a very shy shimmer.

Because I'm a knitter, I had to get Tight Knit, which is a plummy brown creme. (I also had to deal with the price sticker being applied right over the label, so that's what the fuzziness is in the first picture below.)

Finally, even though I doubt I will ever wear it as a full mani, I got Aura Angora, the accent color in the collection. It's a mustard yellow creme and so not my color.

All of these took two coats. I did put a top coat on Cashmere or Loose Me to see if that would coax the shimmer out, but the others are top coat less.


  1. I love this collection, even though I said I wouldn't love it when you posted about it way back when.

  2. Ohh that yellow one isn't doing you any favours :(
    However, I love the gradient manicure on the promo pics!

  3. hey fellow knitter! I too am enticed by all the knit references in all the fall collections. are you on Ravlery? I'm kittin over there if you are, friend me. and if you aren't you should be. :)

  4. The first two colors look great on you, but I think I'd use the third for nail art only... it makes you look a little sickly. :D

    Seriously though, they look like gorgeous polishes! I haven't tried any Barielle polishes yet, although they're on my list of ones to try!

  5. I simply love the mustard colour!

  6. I adore Angora. And the promo gradient is something I would love to replicate. Your nails look gorgeous whatever....

  7. those are perfect fall colors, not sure if im in love with them though :P

  8. Aura Angora has always been my fave from this collection!


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