Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Me Encanta Tu Blog Award

Katherine of necessary★nails tagged me with the Me Encanta blog award so long ago that she might have forgotten by now. Finally today I've managed to carve out the time to formally accept and pass it along. I am very much a believer in the "better late than never" approach to most things.

Award Badge

This award comes with questions to answer:

1. Why did you create the blog?
I was posting a lot on the MakeupAlley nail board and reading more and more nail blogs and it just seeemed like doing my own nail blog was the next logical step. I'd done a couple nail polish related entries on my online journal (Hat on Top, Coat Below) but didn't want to turn that into a nail blog, so here I am. I like say that having a nail blog gives me one more excuse to buy more polish.

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
Mostly nail blogs, a few beauty and fashion sites, some knitting and crafting ones, and personal journals of friends of mine.

3. Do you have a favorite make-up brand?
No one favorite, though I wear mostly drugstore stuff. On my face right now, I've got products from Revlon, Maybelline, Physician's Formula, and Benefit, and Lorac.

4. And a favorite clothing brand?
I don't have one brand I favor. My taste in clothes is pretty basic.

5. What make-up products are essential for you?
Concealer, mascara, and powder. Most days, I wear more than that, but those three are the ones I give up last when I have to skip steps.

6. What's your favorite colour?

7. What's your favorite perfume?
I only own one right now, Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste (which I admit I bought in part because of the pretty purple bottle it comes in).

8. What's the film you liked the most?
Oh so many; if I have to pick one, I'll say Nightmare Before Christmas.

9. What countries would you like to go?
Lots! Australia, New Zealand, and China are my top three at the moment.

Passing this award along to these blogs:

Makeup Merriment, who not only posts nail stuff but also makeup and glimpses into her life outside of beauty products. (Have I mentioned I'm a sucker for cute doggies?)

Nails by Alice, who writes in both Italian and English and has great application skills and an enviable nail shape.

Rachel Marie's Nails, a fairly new nail blog that's off to a great start, with a mix of swatches, nail art, haul posts, and plenty of pictures.

The Nail Experiment lives up to its name, with all sorts of fun stuff going on between the swatches, the frankens, and the nail art.

theVEROblog, who showcases nail polish along with other beauty products; I especially like her accent nail manis.


  1. Great post! Another purple lover! Thanks for helping me find some more new nail blogs...now I'm following like five hundred and three, lol!

  2. Congratulations! You deserve it!
    I love your blog too :O)

  3. I remember! Haha but I don't mind, like you said, better late than never & I (+ we, the blogging community) get to know you a bit better! :D

  4. go purple! and that perfume bottle is quite pretty :)

  5. Thanks Karen!

    I accept the award and I'll let you know once I post mine! Although you always see my fresh posts!! ;)

  6. Thanks for the award and tagging me! I'm so excited about this!! eeeeeeekkkkk!! =]

  7. oh thank you Karen!! I really appreciate this!! <3 you're such a sweet girl!

  8. Hi Karen!
    Congrats on the award and thanks a million for tagging me! That was SO sweet and lovely of you. I love your blog so much! I still can't get over all your polishes! WOW!
    I will trying to catch up blogging this weekend x jeanie

    PS those snowmen are FABULOUS!


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