Monday, November 15, 2010

Recent NOTD: NYX and Sinful Layered Look

I started this recent mani with a brownish rose creme from NYX. Two coats of it looked like this:

The name of this rosy two-coater? Sheer Lavender. One might think the bottle is mislabeled, except this color is shown with this name on the NYX website, so evidently they meant to call it that. Why on earth they chose that name for this polish I can't imagine, unless they were going with a "two wrongs makes a right" approach.

I couldn't leave it be, so added two coats of Sinful I Miss You on top and got this:

Speaking of mislabeling, when pawing through my glitters to find I Miss You, I discovered I have two bottles of it.

The biggest difference between them is one is labeled Red Ocean.

Calling it Red Ocean does not make it have flakies, sadly enough.


  1. I really like that combo, I must try it. That's sad that Red Ocean isn't actually Red Ocean :(

  2. I loved the glitter on top!
    "Sheer Lavender"????

  3. I have been trying to find the Ocean series from Sinful but missed the boat of that one wayyy too late.

  4. It's a lovely dusky rose, I need to find a shade like this! It looks great with the glitter on top. It's definitely not a sheer lavender though, I don't know how they pick the names sometimes! :)

  5. Pretty! The glitter totally makes "the polish that is totally not lavender" special.

  6. I love this layering combo!

    I need to breakdown and order the Ocean series, I have green Ocean, but that's the only one so far. :)

  7. Wow, that base color is lovely! Now I want to see it with the REAL red ocean over it.
    I once put all the "ocean" polishes I don't have in my cart at the Sinful site, but never completed the transaction...

  8. I hate mislabeled polishes. I found an OPI labeled russian navy when it was clearly ink. I was like argh!


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